Oct 14, 2010
Congressman Discovers Roots

Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry, who learned that he is indeed Jewish, has paid a visit to Crown Heights discovering his roots.

Nebraska Congressman Lee Terry paid a visit to Crown Heights earlier this month as part of his effort in discovering his family's roots and heritage.

According to his family's long time friend Dinah Abrahamson, Congressman Terry has learned several years ago that his maternal grandmother was a Jewish.

"She was a Jewish immigrant from Russia," Abrahamson, a Republican Jewish activist and Crown Heights regular, said.

Terry toured the Jewish Children's Museum and was welcomed by its Executive Director Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson and was accompanied by Abrahamson, her son Yosef and Chabad.org spokesman Motti Seligson.

The Congressman took the opportunity to ask questions and learn about his Jewish ancestry and was presented with a yarmulke dedicated in memory of a fallen soldier.

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love g-d love the torah the best you can
show up to a good shul and support unequivocally the jewish people in eretz yisroel as a proud jew and american
and be anti-corruption
(10/14/2010 6:18:46 PM)
We welcome you Congressman Terry!
(10/14/2010 9:41:07 PM)
Welcome home, brother
Take it one step at a time. Don't rush. You gotta get used to it.
(10/14/2010 9:51:50 PM)
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