Sep 2, 2010
Rabbonim Pick Up Endorsements

As the countdown begins for the Rabbonim elections in Crown Heights, has the updated list of who endorsed Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky and Rabbi Yossi Braun and why Rabbi Emanuel Chaviv did not pick up any.

By COLlive reporters in Crown Heights

With just 48 hours left to an election that, according to many, will determine the future of Crown Heights' communal leadership, candidates were scrambling for support.

Old and new friendships were called upon to endorse the rabbis running for the position of the third member of the Crown Heights Bais Din.

Not everyone hurried to throw their hat into the ring, either to refrain from what is perceived as politics or out of fear of a backlash for taking a side.

Below are the written endorsements that were sent to Support based on word of mouth was not included.

Candidate: Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky:
+ Biography
+ Smicha from Rabbi I.I. Piekarski OBM
+ Video interview by Levi Hodakov

+ Endorsement: Rabbi Moshe Landa (original Hebrew)

+ Endorsement: Rabbi Leibel Schapiro (original Hebrew)

+ Endorsement: Rabbi Dovid Schochet

+ Endorsement: Community members, Rabbis Yoel Kahan, Shlomo Segal, Yisroel Friedman, Avrohom Gerlitzky, Efraim Piekarski, Dovid Feldman, Yisroel Shimon Kalmenson, Michoel Seligson, Nochem Kaplan, Shmuel Plotkin, Gedalya Korf, Sholom Ber Futerfas, Jacob Goldstein and Mr. Boruch Brikman, Mendel Bartfield, Yosef Zakon. (original Hebrew)

+ Endorsement: Group of Shluchim and employees mosdos

+ Recommendation: Rabbi Pinchos Feldman
Update: 9:30 am - Disclaimer regarding Rabbi Feldman letter

+ Recommendation: Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner

Candidate: Rabbi Yossi Braun
+ Biography
+ Smicha from Rabbi Gavriel Tzinner
+ Video interview by Chaim Fogelman

+ Endorsement: Rabbi Yossi Marlow (original Hebrew)

+ Endorsement: Rabbinical Council NSW (Australia)

+ Recommendation: Tzemach Tzedek community in Sydney

+ Recommendation: Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Telsner

+ Recommendation: Rabbi Pinchos Feldman
Update: 9:30 am - Disclaimer regarding Rabbi Feldman letter

Candidate: Rabbi Emanuel Chaviv
+ Biography

His supporters said they did not seek any letters of approval "because his resume speaks for itself."

* * *

The two current members of the Bais Din Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Yaacov Schwei have written a joint letter calling on "the honorable Jewish residents" to vote on Sunday, Elul 26 - September 5.

In related news, a group of yungeleit sent COLlive Thursday night a signed letter backing off from the "letter of 40 kollel yungeleit" that suposedly endorsed Rabbi Braun.

They said the original letter was "in regard to the nomination process only" and that "we are neither advocating for, nor against Rabbi Braun." Read their full disclaimer.

Clarification from Refoel Kats and Sholom Schapiro on the Kollel letter

COLlive Note: Poll closed due to 2 attempts by an amateur blogger and 1 attempt by a politically motivated individual to rig the vote.
Here are the final recalculated results.

COLlive Poll:
Who are you voting for or who do you endorse?

Rabbi Bogomilsky: 49%
Rabbi Braun: 39%
Rabbi Chabib: 12%

Most Read Most Comments
Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky, candidate
Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky, candidate
Rabbi Yossi Braun, candidate
Rabbi Yossi Braun, candidate
Rabbi Emanuel Chaviv, candidate
Rabbi Emanuel Chaviv, candidate

Opinions and Comments
Rabbi Feldmans View
wow very refreshing!
(9/3/2010 2:20:38 AM)
This is an election for a Rav - a lifetime leader that CH desperately needs. Can we lay off the politics and tabloidness? Pretty pretty please?
(9/3/2010 2:25:21 AM)
Rabbi Yossi Braun for Rav
Rabbi Yossi Braun for Rav, he has nothing to do with the Machlokes in CH and is young and can relate to EMAIL SMS etc.

Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky sorry once i'd seen what Rabbi Yossi Marlow wrote about you, I just respectfully cant vote for you.
(9/3/2010 2:42:51 AM)
Great Job!
Thank you COLLive for this excelent piece of work!
(9/3/2010 2:53:52 AM)
wow! rabbi bogomilsky really fought the Bais Din! how can he run??
look at what rabbi marlow wrote!
he fought the abir shbavirim!

(9/3/2010 3:05:14 AM)
only rabbi chaviv!
(9/3/2010 3:08:29 AM)
Rabbi chaviv people are not online! They are at the polls!
(9/3/2010 3:15:07 AM)
Just to clarify, the FELDMAN endorsement clearly says he DOES NOT endorse anybody. Read it.
(9/3/2010 3:52:36 AM)
I think I'll listen to Reb Yoel's advice. I'm casting a vote for Rabbi Bogomilsky.
(9/3/2010 4:02:20 AM)
He is a brother in law of RMB. Shouldn't we discount endorsements of those with business dealings, past and present or families of the candidates? Rabbi Braun I think has no such concerns. But RMB...?
(9/3/2010 7:10:26 AM)
its very nice that rabbi braun has the support of the people in australia maybe they should hire him as their head rov, we need someone who has the support of the people in america and in crown heights
(9/3/2010 7:18:54 AM)
#1 questions
who is paying for rabbi braun to here now and for his flight to come down to NY, who will pay for him to move if he wins? who will pay his salary?
(9/3/2010 7:28:05 AM)
I am from Sydney!
As a Sydney resident and someone who knows the situation very well, its shocking to see the "recommendations for Rabbi Braun."

Two endorsements from Rabbi Feldman and his son Rabbi Yossi Feldman: They want him to leave Sydney ASAP. Rabbi Braun has caused them huge agmas nefesh and its in the feldmans interests to see Braun in Crown Heights. As they write, they "heartily" endorse Rabbi Braun. Ask ANYONE who knows what happened in Sydney over the last seven years to confirm this. Its a complete joke

The letter from his own (very small - 30 mispallelim) shul obviously praises their Rabbi.

I wish there was more integrity to this.

(9/3/2010 7:38:52 AM)
Why is Rabbi Feldmans from Sydney's letter listed as a recomendation for Rabbi Braun, when in the letter he clearly writes that he does not support one candidate over the other?

I suggest people read Rabbi Feldmans letter for themselves.
(9/3/2010 7:47:17 AM)
Rabbi Feldman Endorsement??
Rabbi Feldman endorsing Rabbi Braun

Thats like Rabbi Osdoba endorsing Rabbi Schwei for him to run for elections to be Rov in Israel.
(9/3/2010 7:51:58 AM)
Don't Be Fooled
One has to wonder whether the recommendations for Rabbi Braun coming out of Sydney are due to their desire to see him leave. Especially that of Rabbi Feldman.
(9/3/2010 7:57:02 AM)
Yossi Marlow
Here we are trying to move forward with a new potanital for a new generation of CrownHieghts Residents and Yossi MArlow has the Chutzpah to bring back old politics which Crown Heights is still suffering from.
I understand it is his father, but nonetheless, Crown Heights has two options at this moment:
1) Continue to relish in politics of old which destroyed a full generation of chassidim.
2) As hard as it may be, put all that old pain, politics, hate and gossip on the side and allow anyone who was accepted to run a free election run.
(9/3/2010 7:58:13 AM)
The most responsible choice

Just think about what it means that the esteemed Rov Rabbi Moshe Landa of Bni Bark who is known and highly respected in the Yiddhsh world over gave such a warm endorsement to Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky.

There is no doubt that by electing Rabbi Bogomilsky out of the 3 candidate available we are doing the most responsible thing for the future of our community.
(9/3/2010 8:50:08 AM)
Rabbi Schochet
Is this a joke or what? Or you think people are stupid?
Rabbi Dovid Schochet is Rabbi Bogomilskys brother in law!!! The married to sisters (Sudak).
(9/3/2010 9:14:38 AM)
Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky
Is a Rav with unparalleled experience, and he can work together with Rabbi Schwey and Rabbi Ozdoba. He Has my vote. Rabbi Chaviv and Rabbi Broun may be good for the future, but they are unknown, and now is not the time to take such a risk.
(9/3/2010 9:14:47 AM)
The Australian
The Rabbis of Australia wrote letters that Rabbi Braun is a good candidate because he is a big trouble maker and they want to get rid of him. So you see dear voters, there is no Emes in this world. Everything boils down to money and power.
(9/3/2010 9:15:40 AM)
Does a ruv need 50% of votes to win, or is majority enough?
(9/3/2010 9:17:42 AM)
rabbi chaviv!
We are all with you
(9/3/2010 9:18:00 AM)
rabbi bogomilsky
this is vote for peace. guys get it do u get it. bogomilsky gets along VERY VERY well with schvay. Brion will not be able to unight the split. how much more fighting do we need to tolorate. be smart and look in to the big picture
(9/3/2010 9:22:04 AM)
i was very sad to see that Y Marlow thrugh himself into this issue in a dirty way, for thoses that know why he himself did not take over his father, when R Marlow passed away. will find this shoccking.

in adtion i know him well and i assue you he did not write the letter, i am not sure why he signed it though.

he has been quiet for many years, i hope he continues to be so, and work with his comunity.
(9/3/2010 9:51:44 AM)
I really don't get it. This 12 out of 40 yungelait admit they signed a petition to both Rabbonim asking them to endorse Rabbi Braun. that means you are pushing and endorsing the candidate. Every one understands that a candidate that is acceptable to both rabbonim will be a winner. Where is your honesty? You can complain that you did not give permision to make it public but don't lie deniying your endorsement!!!
(9/3/2010 10:37:50 AM)
shartp letter from rabbi feldman in his update!! we can see the pain in his words and what we can expect if braun wins
(9/3/2010 11:30:03 AM)
Rabbi Chaviv you are a great Rav But please..
Harav Chaviv, wit ll due respect to you and I am sure that you are a great Rav, but as it stands now from the polls that the only thing that you will acomplish is that you will take away votes from where it is needed and that is from Rabbi Braun, because those that are voting for Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky will do so regardless of what is revealed about hil past etc. So he will get his votes, but rabbi Braun needs every honest Vote so please Let us vote for Rabbi Braun.
(9/3/2010 11:30:03 AM)
shame on you rabbi marlow
your father would be horrified at the letter you wrote rabbi marlow. where is your disclaimer?
(9/3/2010 11:32:12 AM)
attention #10
i bet your brotherinlaw would not write an endorsement for you. true rabbi schochet is rabbi bogomilsky's brother but first and foremost he is a rav and an av bais din. he would not write anything that he did not believe. bogomilsky has my vote. that was an amazing endorsement.
(9/3/2010 11:36:11 AM)
I love this!!
Rabbi Feldman is endorsing rabbi Braun to be rabbi in crown heigts, that is hysterical

Rabbi osdoba will be more than happy to endorse rabbi schwei to run for rov in Sydney Australia

The rabbonm is Sydney want Braun to be rov in ch

Fun fact: yossi raskin in the video who praised Braun started a breakaway minyan in his house from Brauns shul

A litle seichel and draw your conclusions
(9/3/2010 11:55:36 AM)
rabbi chaviv
(9/3/2010 12:01:57 PM)
What is Rabbi Tzinner's endorsement, they both have an endorsement for him.
(9/3/2010 12:15:11 PM)
Rabbi Tzinner did not endorse rabbi broin! the endorsement broin is showing is his smicha paper! read the loshon! rabbi bogomilsky who works with rabbi tzinner often got his endorsement!
(9/3/2010 12:32:30 PM)
(9/3/2010 12:59:09 PM)
Last night
Thursday evening, several hundred people came to hear Rabbi Yosef Braun and Rabbi Emmanuel Chaviv answer questions on a variety of subjects.

Rabbi Braun told the crowd that he had called Rabbi Bogomilsky earlier in the day, and was told by Rabbi Bogomilsky that he would not be attending the Forum. Rabbi Braun was concerned that the Forum would be under false pretenses, and made efforts to ensure that the announcements of the Forum were not misleading.

Rabbi Tuvia Tatik chaired the evening. After brief introductory statements, both candidates were asked a number of questions submitted by members of the audience. Many of the questions were challenging and some dealt with controversial subjects.

The well-behaved crowd were clearly impressed by Rabbi Braun's scholarship, depth of knowledge, and easygoing manner.

Rabbi Chaviv answered most questions in Hebrew, and although he apologized for his lack of fluency in English, he was confident that he would quickly pick up the skills to communicate with the Crown Heights English-speakers.
(9/3/2010 3:19:04 PM)
Kudos to Chaim Fogelman
If I had any doubts as to whether I should vote for Rabbi Braun, I have none anymore. Thank you, Chaim Fogelman, for having the guts to ask the hard questions. Rabbi Braun didn't make it in my book. I will now vote for Rabbi Bogomilsky. Thank you for bringing me clarity on this issue.
(9/3/2010 3:51:05 PM)
very impressed
I was at last night’s event and was very impressed with Rabbi Braun, I didn’t know him before, but his answers last night made a very positive impression on my. He has my vote and I daven to Hashem that Braun will have enough “koiach” to remain neutral and unaffiliated with either side of the machlokes.

His job is to serve the needs of the community. By the mere fact that we will have a 3rd rov in the Badat”z with automatically stop 99.9 of the fights (at least publicly). Because when there are 3 rabbonim, 1 cannot write ANYTHING on his own, this will stop all the childish play we witnessed the last 4-5 years.
(9/3/2010 3:53:04 PM)
Vote for Rabbi Bogomilsky

Concerning this Sunday's election for Rav, I personally support and urge all of my friends and fellow anash to vote for Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky.

Over the past 35 years, I'm personally familiar with Rabbi Bogomilsky's wisdom, sensitivity and commitment to the Rebbe, the shluchim, the Baalei Teshuva and achdus and well-being of all anash. His involvement with answering our shailos, making peace, honestly overseeing a large and active gemach, compassionately and wisely handling Chevra Kaddisha and giving shiurim and being a teacher/principal and being the Rabbi of a shul in our community. Everyone is welcome, treated with warmth and kindness.

He was always close with Shimshon and Benjy, who we all owe so much, and has a great working relationship with Rabbi Osdoba and Rabbi Shvei.

We should not miss this opportunity. He is a real gem.

Please vote, this Sunday, for Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky.

K'sivs v'chasima tova,

Moshe Schneider
(9/3/2010 5:21:43 PM)
Who do Bochurim endorse?
Who do bochurim endorse? Do you care?

Well, Kollel yungerleit are simply bochurim that just got married. If your opinion does not sway based on what bochurim think, why would it sway based on what kollel'niks think?!

They wrote a "private" letter of endorsement and then withdrew it, in a confusing childish manner. Kind of, like, we endorse him but we are not endorsing any particular rov. Huh?
(9/3/2010 5:34:19 PM)
"I am from Sydney!"
I Meant to say, "I am from Katzman"
Sorry, I make these "Mistakes" when it comes to voting
(9/3/2010 5:39:39 PM)
vote braun
i love rabbi braun!
(9/3/2010 6:13:06 PM)
To 37
Oh yes Rabbi Chaim Fogelman did a wondeful interview and I think I'm for Rabbi Braun. Fogelman asked him hard and Sharp questions to the point and Rabbi Braun won me over
What ever the outcome I hope we move ahead in the right direction
(9/3/2010 6:23:42 PM)
Everyone should go check this blogspot to be up to date with the propaganda being flown around town! How many of these endorsements of Braun have been outright lies?
(9/4/2010 5:31:46 AM)
Rabbi Braun is TOO good for you bloggers
To 21. The reason the rabbis of Australia say the RYB is a 'troublemaker' is becuase he is a yerei shimayim and honest Torahdig person - unlike many of them. But tne uask not the 'rabbis' but the 'rabonim' in Melb and Sydney eg, R' Telsner, R' Beck, R' Heimlich, R. Wurzberger, R. Donnebaum, R F levin, and all the other respected serious rabbonim and they have the greatest respect for RYB and his erlichekeit and amazing Torah knowledge.

But you know what? Reading teh comments of many of you here, you don't deserve him . he is far far too good for you. He will no doubt be snapped up by a prominent Chabad community somewhere where - he will be respected and admired.
(9/4/2010 6:48:21 AM)
he's the most humble... and that's very important.. and yes he has many other maalos...peoples person, intelligent, puts other first, cares....
(9/4/2010 9:29:08 PM)
# 17
You are the one who has the chutzpah. I know Yossi very well as a class mate going back 30 years ago. he is a great person. He thinks when you are voting for some one you should know the history of that person (not to say that maybe the person regrets what he did then every PERSON has the right to do teshuvah or maybe he thinks he did not do any thing wrong) And Yossi is obligated as a son to speak his mind and say what coused his father (who was a great Rov and person) lots of agmas nefesh. It is before Rosh Hashona/Yom Kipur lets not try and cloud any issues or talk about anything other then good things. I hope you could forgive me before Yom kipur for saying that you are the one that has the chutzpah. the only reason I am saying this is because no one knows who you are. have a good new year
(9/4/2010 11:05:19 PM)
Don't understand
The Rebbe blessed Rabbi Braun that "It is axiomatic that holiness does not depart from its place". Does that mean he should stay and live where he is now?
(9/4/2010 11:18:51 PM)
Marlowe is upset
I definitely understand where rabbi yossi marlow is coming from and can appreciate his frustration

But I am surprised with his decision!

He should be the first one to appreciate and be oversensitive to what rabbi Feldman experienced in Sydney with rabbi Braun. It is so similar to what rabbi marrow experienced

I think it's high time that COL do a investigating journal piece on these candidates. Why does journalism have to be so diplomatic? I would appreciate seeing real opinionated coloumns
(9/4/2010 11:37:26 PM)
its a no brainer
I'm voting for Rabbi Bogomilski with the hope that CH will finally have a real and strong Bais Din. Even though I respect Rabbi Brown and Rabbi Chaviv, I don't believe they have the experience and age to improve and fix the current problem that faces the CH Beis Din. Perhaps down the line, once we'll have a proper functioning Bais Din, it will be nice to get a young Rov with new ideas and energy.
Right now we first need to fix our problem
(9/4/2010 11:44:26 PM)
R' Marlow Shlita
With all the respect to R' Marlow Shlita, please remember that R' Bogomilski is the one pushing for Sholom right now, while others are still fighting R' Osdoba (is that any better or more Kosher than fighting Rabbi Marlow A'H). If you're supporting those interest groups, then you're doing the same thing that you're accusing R' Bogomilsky off. Besides that its time to move on and no point to go back 10 or 20 years. Vote for Sholom and for a potential functioning 3 Rabonim instead of 2.
(9/5/2010 12:00:24 AM)
To 49
Rabbi feldmen said clearly that he is not against Rabbi bruan
So why are you compering what happened to Rabbi Morlow with what going on now in Sydney?!

they are to opposites!
(9/5/2010 12:16:22 AM)
On the Paper, team braun is claiming to be an endorsment from Harov Tzinner and is in fact only a Smicha, there is mention of YORA YORA.
Does braun have YADIN YADIN & "IF" from who??
(9/5/2010 2:11:33 AM)
Backwards world!!!!
How is a son’s trying to stop his fathers tormenter, (who showed a complete disregard for the lubavitch bais din by going to other rabbonm and now is trying to run it) from inheriting his fathers seat a "Chutzpa"
(9/5/2010 3:58:48 AM)
Disclaimer from Rabbi Feldman
It says it all if you know to read between the lines. He's clearly hinting that there WAS Machloikes in Sidney!
(9/5/2010 1:04:26 PM)
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