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Jun 9 2013
Moishe Shemtov - Montevideo, Uruguay to Mushkie Fine - Montreal, Canada

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The Rosenblums
Mazel tov! Mazel tov! Mushkie & Chosen, Ronnie & Simcha & Bubbie Fine. What exciting news. My dancing shoes are ready and waiting!

Sonny & Linda
Mazal Tov!!
Mazal Tov Moishe!!!
MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mazal tov fines!
Ahora si viene Moshiach!! y Penarol campeon!
caiste Moishy!!
Mazal Tov ,Mazal Tov!!!!!
Woohoo!!mmushkie so so happy for you!!!
Zevi called it ;)
mazek tov to chosson kalla and families, binyan addei add
Tova Hinda And Aryeh Siegel
We are so happy for you, Simcha, Ronnie, Mushkie and all the Fines. Just can't wait to dance at this wedding!!
Felicidades Moishy!!!!!!
Mushkie! Mazel Tov! Binyan Adai Ad!
The Schwey's
Mazel Tov!!
a bachur from chicago when you where a shliach
mazel tov moishe!!!!!!!!
Mazal tov
Mazal tov moshe!!!
Such great news!!
Zalmy Goldstein
Mazel Tov Mushkie!!!!
OMG! Moishe u are one very lucky guy!
Im gonna surprise u @ ur L'chaim tonite!
Mazel Tov
Some of us noticed you, Moishe, hanging out in Montreal lately.....
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