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/ MONDAY, ADAR 13 5779 - 18 FEBRUARY 2019
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Feb 8 2019
New Born
Baby boy to Levi and Chaya Sara Ceitlin - S. Diego, CA

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Shapiro, S Diego, College Area
Always happy to have a new chossid in the S Diego and especially in our shul. Mazaltov Mazaltov, l'torah, l'chuppa u'l'maasim tovim, with Chassidishe nachus to Klal Yisroel, Hashem and the Rebbe.
B.H. Levi & Chaya-Sara.
Great Erev Shabbos news to see. Mazel-Tov and much Nachas to all mishpochas, Bubba's & Zeida's.

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