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/ MONDAY, AV 4 5778 - 16 JULY 2018
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Apr 10 2018
Mendel Erlenwein - Toronto, Canada to Devorah Leah Katz - Crown Heights

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The Lavners
Mazel Tov Erlenwein and Katz Families!!! Binyan Aday Ad!!!!
Mazol tov!!!
Mendel is from the top top bochurim in lubavitch
Amazing !!
Mazal Tov! What an awesome guy!
Wow mazal tov mendel was the best he ran a massive mivtza for mivtzoim
Henoch and Sara Shollar
Mazel tov! Mazel tov! Wishing Mendel and Devora Leah a binyan adei ad bursting with brachos! Nonstop simchas and uninterrupted Yiddishe, Chassidishe nachas to both the Katz and the Erlenwein families!
Mazal tov ! From your old Postville friends
Mazal tov!
SB Shaw
Mazal Tov DL and the whole Katz family!!! Can't wait to get to know you better and enjoy the new family!!!
Miriam Erlenwein
Mazal tov DL & Mendel! Deborah Leah, welcome to the Erlenwein family, love you already!! -Mir✨
Mazel tov!!!!
Mazel tov Chana Aidel and the beautiful Erlenwein family!! So happy to hear about this simcha! May they be blessed with a filled with all the ! May the simchos continue! Much yidishe chasidishe nachas!
Your Postville friend, Baila Fischer
DL is an unbelievable catch, what a lucky guy!! Shes loved by all, really an incredible girl!!! Mazal Tov!
Friends at Oberlin
Mazel Tov from your friends at
Oberlin College
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