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/ FRIDAY, TAMMUZ 9 5778 - 22 JUNE 2018
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Nov 7 2017
Dovid Goldberg (ben r' Yechiel) - Toronto, Ontario to Stery Avtzon (bas r' Yona) - Crown Heights

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kinus camper
Mazal tov Stery!! So so happy for you BH!
The Lewises, Israel
Mazel Tov to our dear friends, Yaakov Shloma & Raizel Goldberg, so happy for you, Yechiel & Chaya & the entire family.
Mazel Tov!!! Dovid is the best!we are so happy for you!! what an amazing shidduch!! Only Simchas!
Sheina Brocha Shaw (Erlenwein)
Mazal Tov Stery!!!!! So happy for you:):) and Mazal Tov Goldberg's:):):)
Bais Rivkah 😉
Mazel tov Stery!! We're so happy for you! Love Bais Rivkah
Big Z Schapiro
Mazel Tov Dovid add to the entire Goldberg family. You should go from strength to strength happiness at successful we want moshiach now
Mazal tov!!!
Mazal Tov Sara!! And the Goldberg Fam!!!
Only simchas :))

that's what Lot said when his wife turned to salt.lol and only simchas
Mazel tov dovid and stery !!!!!!!!!!:):)
So excited and happy for both of U!!!!
What an amazing shiddich!!!!
May u have only brachos!!
Mazel tov!!!!!
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