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/ SUNDAY, ELUL 8 5778 - 19 AUGUST 2018
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Jan 10 2017
Dovid Lipszyc - Crimea to Devorie Nissim - Crown Heights

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online smicha
mazal tov! mazal tov!
Yossy bard wigdor
Mazal tov mazal tov!!
We are over whelmed with Simcha.
Dear choson of Devoroe Nissim, you got a GEM
Working with Devoroe s For 12 years and she n is the finest person , girl always always with a SMILE

We all love you Devorie and are all so happy for you and your family. This has brought true Simcha to our community.
Woweeee! Mazel Tov!!! Best news ever!!!
The Benshimons
Mazeltov mazeltov.So so happy!!binyan adei ad!!
DEVORIE, MAZAL TOV!!!!!! Words cannot express how extraordinary it is to see this news!!! (Today, on our anniversary)
I'd like to bless you with every happiness!!! Revealed swet good, b'gashmiyus ubruchniyus!!! Banei, Chayei Umezonei b'r'vichei! And may Hashem fulfill your requests even before you have a chance to ask!!!:)
Shaindel Hecht (Reiter)
Devory!! I am so so happy for you both!
May your life together be bright with many blessings pouring down on you!!
Wish I can make it to your simchah.
Sincerely, Shaindel
Malasky family
Mazal Tov ! Mazal Tov ! We are so happy for all of you. All revealed Brachos as you build your Binyan Adei Ad
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