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Nov 5, 2015

Photos: Shneur Schiff

Op-Ed by Rabbi Yossi Lipsker: Why the Rebbe insisted on the yearly gathering of the Shluchim from all four corners of the globe. Full Story, Photos


Help Anash Families for the Yomim Tovim

1000 families of Anash and Shluchim In over 30 communities in Israel need your help for the Yomim Tovim

Chasidim are one family!

We cannot enter Yom Tov knowing that fellow Anash & Shluchim don’t have the means to feed their children!

Please donate generously to the “Adopt A Family” fund

Under the direct supervision of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky

(718) 921-1211
Oct 23, 2015

Photo by Mendy Hechtman

From the COLlive inbox: Space, mechitza and security are needed to allow a Simchas Beis Hashoeva for women in Crown Heights. Full Story


Oct 22, 2015

From the COLlive Inbox: A few years ago I did not understand Domestic Abuse. I naively believed there were two sides to every story. Full Story


Dr. Rosen Pediatric Office Succot Schedule
Ph. 718-735-6002

Dear Patients,
Good News!

We wish to advise our patients that for your convenience the Pediatric Office on Eastern Parkway will be open on:

• Monday September 24th first day of Yom Tov 12pm to 6pm

• Tuesday September 25th second day of Yom Tov 12pm to 6pm


2nd day succot

We wish to advise our patients that for your convenience the Pediatric Office on Eastern Parkway will be open on:

• Monday October 1st first day of Yom Tov 12pm to 6pm

• Tuesday October 2nd second day of Yom Tov 12pm to 6pm

This is for pediatric patients under the age of 21, ONLY.

Wishing you and your family a
Gut Yom Tov!
Dr. E Rosen & Associates.
Oct 13, 2015

Op-Ed: Talking about shidduchim can get very personal and intimate. That's why you need a trusted 'outsider' to speak to. Full Story


Free Sukkos Graphics

Making a Sukkos dinner, Sukkah hop, Sushi in the Sukkah or other event?

Use a catchy graphic to help attract more people! makes it easy to create a custom graphic for your event in just a few minutes.

For a limited time it’s 100% free - just enter coupon code “collive” on the cart page then choose free checkout on the payment page.

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Visit to get started

Please send feedback, suggestions and problems to was developed by Gorin Systems with the help of Sholom Fogelman and Chaim Goranson.
Aug 15, 2015

Illustration photo by Chaim Twito

Australian educator Toby Lieder says there are many things in life you would regularly do if only you knew that...
Full Story


Preschool Position in Crown Heights
Local Crown Heights School is looking for an experienced and energetic lead preschool teacher. We are looking for a dedicated team player who loves teaching and seeing children mature and develop.

• Starting immediately
• Warm environment
• Great pay
• Great location

Email resume with 2 references with
Aug 6, 2015

Op-Ed: The demands by the group Yaffed to investigate Yeshivas are not to improve them, but to disrupt and destroy them, writes Ezra Friedlander. Full Story


Aug 5, 2015

Mother of 14 children Mrs. Toby Lieder of Sydney, Australia says she had a sudden a realization about her family. Full Story


Aug 4, 2015

Clearly, there are critical lessons to be learned from the tragic death of Faigy Mayer, says counselor and therapist Raphael Aron. Full Story


Jul 29, 2015

Illustration Photo

From the COLlive inbox: A mother of youngsters at overnight summer camp explains why she dreads the monthly Visiting Day. Full Story


Jul 29, 2015

Secretary Kerry Speaks With Hossein Fereydoun and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif in Vienna * State Dep. photo

I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat, the fine print of the Iran nuclear deal stinks, says David Suissa of the LA Jewish Journal. Full Story


Jul 28, 2015

Russian transportation magnate David Aminov explains why he purchased a house near the Old Montefiore Cemetery in Queens, NY. Full Story


Jul 28, 2015

Billy & Lieba Rudolph with grandchildren. Inset: Maya Rudolph (MingleMedia)

The ties of the Rudolph family of Pittsburgh with their famous relative, actress Maya Rudolph, had led to a startling revelation. Full Story


Jul 16, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: I went to my friend's engagement party with happy feelings and then someone made me cry. Full Story


Jul 2, 2015

Illustration photo* People in the photo are not connected to the article

Psychologist Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow offers 6 important guidelines for internet usage at Chabad overnight summer camps. Full Story


Jun 27, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: Whether you are the organizer of the 450 person event or making a difference one-on-one, this applies to you. Full Story


Jun 16, 2015

Illustration photo

A Crown Heights teacher writes that a group of Rabonim finally showed her and her high school students what leadership should be. Full Story


Jun 15, 2015

Op-ed: On a flight to New York, after describing farbrengens and "dollars" to my 6-year-old Chayele, she turned to me and asked the question which shook me to the core: "Mommy, so will we also have all this, when we get to New York?" Full Story


Apr 22, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: A mother writes what happened to her son and his friend after working for a Shliach on campus. Full Story


Apr 20, 2015

Illustration photo by Israel Bardugo

From the COLlive inbox: A Head Counselor shares thoughts with fellow yeshiva classmates struggling with summer camp culture. Full Story

Apr 19, 2015

A man wears a Yarmulka with Israeli and American flags * Photo: Idobi

Op-Ed: For those of you that forget, there was a time when Israel allowed its civilians to be attacked so the U.S. military could succeed. Full Story

Mar 26, 2015

Every Agunah is our sister and every man going through a divorce is our brother too, writes a Crown Heights father.
Full Story

Mar 24, 2015

Shlucha Layah Lipsker, who is active with the Boston Bet Din, says Get Refusal must be treated as a domestic abuse issue. Full Story

Mar 23, 2015

Response op-ed: A Jewish woman shares her personal journey through a difficult marriage, calling it like "being locked up in a cell." Full Story

Mar 23, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: A Crown Heights woman has strong words for the campaigners behind "Every Agunah is My Sister." Full Story

Mar 19, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: Right now there are 6 crying children that need our help but instead there's a public march being planned. Full Story

Mar 15, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: A 20-year-old Chabad bochur writes an open and sincere letter to current and former staff of JEM.
Full Story

Feb 16, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: The trend in the traditional and social media has been progressively towards the unholy. Let's fix that. Full Story

Feb 15, 2015

From the COLlive Inbox: "I recently witnessed a scene of an elderly man in Shul which was so beautiful and touching," Nechama Dina Reinitz writes. Full Story

Jan 27, 2015

Illustration photo: Baruch Ezagui

From the COLlive inbox: A Crown Heights resident encounters an elderly man and a mom with a stroller a day after a snow storm - and wonders if we have forgotten something. Full Story

Jan 26, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: A Lubavitcher explains his confusion about an op-ed critical of Bochurim who want to swap fedora hats for kasket caps. Full Story

Jan 24, 2015

From the COLlive inbox: A bochur takes issue with the calls to swap the pricey Borsalino hats for an affordable Russian kasket cap. Full Story

Dec 24, 2014

Illustration photo: Mendy Hechtman

From the COLlive Inbox: Some pearls of wisdom from Mashpia Rabbi Yossi Paltiel to a boy at his bar Mitzvah, on core questions in life. Full Story

Dec 22, 2014

Op-Ed: Does a "Chasidishe education" mean teaching our mesorah in the exact same way that it has been taught for thousands of years? Full Story

Nov 30, 2014

Illustration photo by Meir Alfasi

From the COLlive inbox: A 'small town' Shliach writes about a comment said at the Kinus Hashluchim banquet and bothered him. Full Story, Video

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- Park Slope/Gowanus Industrial Chic Space
This space is a GEM. 2,500 sq ft of gorgeous, open, whitewashed original brick walls and columns. One wall with original brick, not whitewash | more...
- Job opportunity
Brooklyn-based company located in the crown heights area looking to hire a full time female assistant bookkeeper.
- Pre School Director and Teacher needed ASAP 1 hour from Crown Heights
Positions are available immediately for an Experienced Pre School Director and a teacher at a very good Community School 1 hour from Crown | more...
- Four month Shlichus in Hong Kong
Chabad of Hong Kong is looking for two enthusiastic girls to help run activities for kids, teens and families from Tishrei through Chanukah. | more...
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If you give us a lead that results in us hiring a girl as a teacher, we will send you $500 by cashapp, paypal, or check! Amazing opportuni | more...
Flatbush- Full time office assistant. Great opportunity, room for growth, will train. Email resume to:
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Chazan with many years of experience and a pleasant voice is available for the Yomim Noraim. Willing to Travel. Special Shluchim Rate. This | more...
- Title I Teachers Crown Heights
Brienza's Academic Advantage is seeking a part-time Title I teacher for Girls' Yeshivas in Crown Heights. Middle School and High School Grades | more...
- Shaloh House Boston: Immediate Openings for Post-Seminary Girls
Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton MA is looking for an energetic and motivated teachers for our Elementary and Preschool grades. | more...
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Shlichus Day School in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn is interviewing candidates for a Middle School (Grades 6-8) Judaic Studies Morah. Teaching ex | more...
- Full time Receptionist Position in Manhattan
Amudim is looking for a full time Receptionist Mon - Thur 9am -5pm Fri - 9am -12:30pm - Answer calls - Prepare and mail checks. - | more...
- Looking for 4 bochurim for Smicha program/Community Shlichus in Boston
Looking for 4 serious bochurim for a new smicha program combined with community shlichus in beautiful Boston MA. Structured 3-hours a day | more...
- Administrative assistant
Great opportunity for the right person! We are Looking for someone to replace a position as a administrative assistant at a established com | more...
- Teacher and assistant teacher position available in excellent Pre School 1 hour from Crown heights
An excellent Pre School has positions for a Teacher and assistant Teacher, the Pre School is a very warm and friendly place to work, we are 1 | more...
- Bachur Shlichus with Smicha
Small Yeshiva/ Smicha Program for age 18+ looking for bachur who would like to learn Smicha and also be dorm counselor/ Shliach to arrange Miv | more...
- One more girl needed for Far East Shlichus
Are you available to come out to Hong Kong from Tishrei - Chanukah to assist with kids programming? See another part of the world and make a | more...
- Job opportunity
Brooklyn-based company located in the crown heights area looking to hire a full time female assistant bookkeeper. Experience in QuickBooks and | more...
- Shaloh House Boston: Immediate Openings for Post-Seminary Girls
Shaloh House Jewish Day School in Brighton MA is looking for the energetic and motivated teachers for our Elementary and Preschool grades. | more...
- Secretary Position Available
SECRETARY POSITION open for Girls' High School in Crown Heights, Hrs: Mon- Thur, 12:30-5:30 PM (optional Sunday 11-1 PM) Please contact: bk | more...
- Chabad ELC in Riverdale is looking for a lead teacher
Chabad of Riverdale is looking for a lead teacher for our 3's, competitive salary, supportive and positive working environment, transportatio | more...
- Teacher opportunity for maternity leave
Seeking preschool teacher for 6 weeks (Beginning Oct 5) Requirements: Preschool teaching experience Masters and NY state Teacher Certific | more...
Short Term Rentals LUXURY SHORT TERM RENTAL ON Albany ave Short term luxurious apt. for rent!!! for 1st days of sukkot 2018 Located just mi | more...
- Shabbos Chol Hamoed simchas torah
Are you looking to go away and have everything done for you? Saratoga Chabad has a guest house that can accommodate large or small groups nea | more...

Nichum Aveilim
-Info to be Menachem Ovel the Kramer family in Crown Heights.

Rabbi Michel Kramer, Mrs Sara Gutnick and Rabbi Yosef Kramer will be sitting Shiva after the passing of their dear mother Chaya (Clara) obm at 620 Montgomery st Sunday, erev Yom Tov from 9:00-2:00pm.

Shachris 9:00 am and 10:00 am
Mincha 1:45 and 2:00 pm.
-Rabbi Leibel Turk is sitting Shiva for his brother Yaakov Ben Tzvi Zev z"l This afternoon until Sunday Erev Sukkos. 580 Crown Street Apt 104 Times for Davening: Thursday: Maariv 7:30 Friday : Shachris 9:00 Mincha 1:30 Motza Shabbos: Maariv 7:30 Sunday Erev Sukkos: Shachris 9:00 Mincha 1:30

Found cash near Empire kosher on Erev Yom Kippur.
please call 3472620654 if yours.

Gift found in 770. Please email with simanim.
Lost a pink baby shoe on second day Rosh Hashana afternoon around Kingston & Montgomery. If found please email
i lost gold cufflink in tent of 770 if found please call me 9175431358
Brand new mens hat in box. To claim please call 718-778-1056
Lost a pair of gold cloe flats in a black felt shoe bag on crown Kingston on Thursday if anybody saw or knows anything about them please send me a message !!! 6466590304
Found a tablet on Thursday Aug 16 outside 770. Call Devorah Benjamin with simanim to claim. +1 917-225-2515

Lost pair of brown prescription reading glasses in Boonton, NJ at the Izenberg chasana 8/20/18. Please contact me asap if found. 2014917770
Credit Card found belonging to Shifra Astolin on Kingston Avenue between Crown and Carroll st.
call (718) 594-5095
lost tefillin in grey suitcase
if you found a small grey hardcover suitcase with a pair of tefillin in it,on the corner of president and kingston, please return it to me!
reward is offered!
lost a black wallet chocolate style. on tuesday morning 08/15 on eastern parkway . there was crdit card, ny permit and 20 dollar bill. please contact me if you found it.

A number of months ago my tefillin were borrowed but never returned.One day in 770 my tefillin bag was found and returned to me but the tefillin inside were not mine. If you think that they are yours please email me @
Found a watch today Tuesday 8/14 on President/Kingston, apparently from one of the kids coming off the Montreal camp buses.
Please call or text 347-401-3525 to claim.

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