Mar 2, 2010
Israel Shemtov Marks 70
Photos by Shmuli Tuvel for

Energetic Crown Heights defender and merchant Reb Israel Shemtov celebrated his 70th birthday Monday at a modest Farbrengen with friends and family.

Photos by Shmuli Tuvel for

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mazol tov!!!!!!!
yay im proud to proclaim that this is my zaidy ,zaidy shemtov
biz 120 iy''h
(3/2/2010 3:41:46 PM)
our special father
Ta, you make us feel so proud and honored to be your children! hashem should continue giving you kochos to enable you to help the entire klal yisroel! we love you!!
(3/2/2010 3:51:30 PM)
notice that pic in the wall of benche shemtov
(3/2/2010 4:00:24 PM)
good photographer
nice pics
(3/2/2010 4:41:12 PM)
he's the best!
I wish for his Ahavos Yisroel
(3/2/2010 5:50:15 PM)
Mazel tov Reb Yisroel
Ad Biyas Moshiach!
(3/2/2010 6:00:51 PM)
Arichos Yomim Veshonim, Tovos Ushnas Brocho Vehatzlocho
Your good old friend
Yankel Magalnic
(3/2/2010 6:01:56 PM)
Mazal Tov
Yisroel my dear friend. Continue doing your great work of helping Yidden. Kol Tuv Vaarichus Yomin Veshonim Teiveis bibrius hancheino parnoso beharchova venachas amiti
(3/2/2010 6:55:35 PM)
go giants
go giants
(3/2/2010 9:04:32 PM)
Dearest Yisrael,MAZAL TOV biz a hundret un tzvantzik!
Crown Heights and all of Lubavitch owe a debt of gratitude to Reb Yisrael Shemtov ,your Miseras Nefesh to help and protect another Jew . Even the Non Jewish residents of C.H. are grateful for your efforts on making this community in making the community a safer place. Your love of Israel Am Yisrael set a new standard ,that we can all emulate. to follow in the standard of caring for another. Mazel Tov Yisrael . The First 70 are the hardest, Biz140 gezunt and Nachas you so richly deserve! Motty and C.L.
(3/2/2010 9:42:36 PM)
who are the people
around the room?
(3/3/2010 1:58:10 AM)
mazal tov zaide
mazal tov zaide you live till 129 and have a lot of nachas from you're children, grand children and be''h great grandchildren
(3/3/2010 2:07:58 AM)
To my oldest cousin from your youngest 1st cousin
Wishing you. "Lang Gezunte yohren" Your the best!!
(3/3/2010 2:35:59 AM)
One of Chabad's Heroes
Rbbi shemtov you are a true hero and example for the chabad community world-wide. your love and compassion for other jews and human beings is legendary. May you have much strength to continue in your good and holy work and be an example for us chabadniks everywhere!

mazel tov!
(3/3/2010 4:00:14 AM)
Ad Meah Veesrim Gezunterheit & Freilicherheit
Yisroel in your zchus we should jump to the next simcha of seeing the Rebbe & having the Geula Shlaima!! BIG mazel-tov from your Family in Mtl.
(3/3/2010 6:41:55 AM)
I love Reb Yisroel Shemtov!!!
Go Reb Yisroel, you the man!!! Love you!!!
(3/3/2010 7:06:19 AM)
#1 cousin
Yisroel...the number on the birth certificate might say 70..but in our eyes you will alwaybe be barely 21:-)
Happy Birthday..and many happy returns til180 with birchas HaGeFeN.
(3/3/2010 7:26:18 AM)
menachem gerlitsky and avreml shemtov farbrenging together
(3/3/2010 9:34:00 AM)
to the best uncle in the world!
r' yisroel shemtov is a small man with a big heart!
i source of life and chadssidisheh energy to all!
we luv u!
(3/3/2010 9:40:12 AM)
amazig man !!!!!!!!!!!!
(3/3/2010 12:46:06 PM)
tee ess
Quiet. Tame. Hmmm. Yup. I guess he turned 70.

Best wishes for good health, wealth, and happiness as long as you want 'em.
(3/3/2010 2:47:58 PM)
Mazel tov we should learn from you to have ahavas yisroel to another yid
(3/3/2010 5:13:16 PM)
Who Are The People Around the Table?
to # 11: The 70-year-old "Birthday boy" R' Yisroel Shemtov is at the head of the table (in front of his Birthday cake...), to his right, is his brother Avremel Shemtov. ---- From Yisrael's left (going clockwise): Dr. Robert Feldman (Yisrael's Mechutan); ? (unknown to me); Yitzchock Feldman (Dr. Feldman's son); R' Berel Futerfas (Yisroel's 1st cousin); Menachem Gerlitzky (Yisroel's brother-in-law); Nuchi Gross; Mendel Shemtov (ben Yisroel); R' Avremel Gerlitzky (Yisroel's brother-in-law), Kasriel Sudak (Yisroel's nephew), Nutti Shemtov (ben Yisroel) and Mottel Bronshtein... Mazal Tov R' Yisroel! Till 180!! - un Zohlst Zoiche Zein Zehn Dem Rebbin leading us to the G'uloh Shleimoh Now!
(3/4/2010 12:42:25 AM)
R' Yisroel Shemtov you should live till 180
The Rebbe said we should all wish each other that they should live till 180 instead of 120
(3/4/2010 6:11:02 PM)
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