Nov 18, 2009
How to Revive a Magazine
Photos by Yossi Percia / COLlive

A group of Crown Heights residents met Wednesday at the home of Menachem Gurevitch to discuss how to help the ailing Hebrew Kfar Chabad magazine.

By COLlive reporter

Chabad's long-time Hebrew weekly Kfar Chabad is trying to get its act together with the help of some Crown Heights residents.

The ailing magazine, which the Rebbe encouraged, has been grappling with a declining circulation and constant change of management.

In 5769 Rabbi Yisroel Brod, a fundraising expert with experience in repairing organizations, was named the new CEO.

Facing a worldwide migration of readers to free news online, Brod said then: "I'm in the industry for over 30 years and have dealt with bigger problems."

He promised to restore the trust of the readership once he managed to balance the defaulting budget and "stop relying on donations."

Brod held a meeting Wednesday at the Brooklyn home of real estate developer Menachem Gurevitch with potential supporters.

Among the attendees were Rabbi Gedalya Shemtov, Director of the Shluchim Office; Moshe Pinson, President of Congregation Bais Shmuel; and Dovid Rogatsky, a construction builder.

The group also included former Israelis, who grew up reading the magazine, and may feel sympathetic to its remaining in business.

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Opinions and Comments
moshe pinson
glad to see you helping the mag
(you know itsa hebrew mag)
(11/19/2009 10:25:03 AM)
waste of time
no chance for print media
old news
(11/19/2009 10:28:43 AM)
1) make an English edition as well
2) don't ask guys with trimmed beards and chest hair sticking out
(11/19/2009 10:29:16 AM)
Nothing A few Dollars cant Cure
But if they would have been more receptive to the Poshitah Chassidim, Rather than triying to appease some high eshcolans they would night have been at thsi stage
(11/19/2009 10:57:45 AM)
why are you bashing bais shmuel
(11/19/2009 11:05:47 AM)
mosheach wins
bais mosheach is doing well..........
wonder why
(11/19/2009 11:06:37 AM)
the B/M mag is on track to brake a new sales record.

Ps. menachem G, was that the official chanukas habias? or your gonna make a grand one soon!!!
(11/19/2009 11:25:56 AM)
your everywhere
1) bais shmuel
2) shluchims kids
3)shluchim office

kol hakovod
(11/19/2009 11:35:05 AM)
if only !
If you would include an English section as before the sales would rise sharply
(11/19/2009 11:47:21 AM)
whos business
is this anyway. just fix up the magazine and stop wasting time on showing off!
(11/19/2009 11:56:50 AM)
friend of ch
agree with #3 what a chuzpah!!!!
all these guys with chest hair sticking out
plz go for a real Rebbe's dugma chaya!!!
(11/19/2009 12:43:20 PM)
English readers the key.
The only weekly english Chabad magazine is bais Moshiach. Any English reader, whether he is a moshicist or not, has onlu one choice if he wants to read nice stories etc. in a magazine. Kfar Chabad dousn't cater the the massive market of the English readers, whereas Bais moshiach has both the English market AND the Hebrew market.

Personlay I would LOVE to buy a non-meshichist English magazine. But there isn't any....
(11/19/2009 1:10:41 PM)
Nice house you got here. it's beautiful to see that u use it for good things as well. What Hachnosas Orchim!! Keep it up!
(11/19/2009 1:22:21 PM)
Bitul Torah
(11/19/2009 1:50:49 PM)
t s
hey. it's called kfar chabad. it was created as with a foothold in israel.

either the geniuses in israel figure out a way to sell it to its target audience or it folds.

if you/they want to make another mag call it something else.

catering to english, america is another mag.

truth is, i guess, no one cares about kfar chabad.

bais moshiahc stil hangs on by a thread because come still care about 770.
(11/19/2009 2:15:40 PM)
100% chutzpah #3
i agree its a chutzpah to get advice from people who have chest hair showing as well as anyone with rimless glasses. also all people with an "s" in their mothers maiden name should be excluded. they have nothing to add and should not be allowed to contribute ..... now on to people who only eat chicken ....... not making any sense???? # 3 get a life
(11/19/2009 2:25:16 PM)
the uforatzto journal. now that was a magazine. over 30 years ago and in english, it brought the rich history of lubavitch, its ideals and activites to more people than any magazine had ever before. it had almost as many readers back then, as kf has today. guys like meir rivkin, eli touger, daniel goldberg, fishel bronstein, vechulhu, vechulhu, made it the success that it was, until money became an issue and that was that. tzach initially foot the bill and then...could no longer do so.

can only imagine how far that publication could have gone and how many more people it could have reached, if funding were not to become an issue. anyway, rivkin is busy with his videos and cd's, waiting for the florida real estate market to turn...don't hold your breath meir...(still waiting for your new cd you've been promising for over a year and a half)...

so, what's left? either we put some serious bucks together and help brod out of the hole or, or draft rivkin, and raise some cash to revive the uforatzto journal.

we know the latter is not going to happen so, either we help kfm or get yudi ceitlin and collive to publish. now why didn't anyone think of that before?

don't realy care how it comes thing is certain, chabad lubavitch need a quality publication with world wide appeal..and we need it now!
(11/19/2009 2:33:24 PM)
what happened to money we gave for an english version
(11/19/2009 3:15:30 PM)
to #3
u should start a mens hair removal salon so u wont be annoyed by chest hair anymore
(11/19/2009 3:27:49 PM)
Do they really need so much mashke
it's a magazine not Purim
(11/19/2009 3:39:18 PM)
bring back
bring back mendy and the golem now that was a good publication
(11/19/2009 3:42:02 PM)
far enough
i didnt know chest hair can get you that far [on the kfar chabad board]
(11/19/2009 3:53:29 PM)
Laaniyas Dayti
Es is shver tzu zeyn a yid. Shverer noch tzu zeyn a halber yid.

For those who want their heads totally immersed in sand (and not face the real issues of Chabad as a derech in avoidas Hashem) - Bais Mashiach fits the bill. More, more, more, of the same.

Kfar Chabad wants to cater to those who will only bury their heads half-way. Doesn't work.

A publication the had true freedom of expression without any ideological strangle-hold would probably succeed, although it would be difficult to keep nit-wits (onn seychel) out.
(11/19/2009 6:26:40 PM)
there seems to be this innate fascination of chest hair...i have noticed it mentioned so many times on col! and #21 couldnt agree more.mendy & the golum was brilliant.proffesional,informative and fun me and my family grew up on it.any chance of a revival?
(11/19/2009 9:17:57 PM)
mishpacha is doing great...
(11/19/2009 9:29:55 PM)
the only solution
is to create a magazine that you would proudly and without any hesitation give in to the Rebbe...keeping in mind that all and everything in the magazine is on the right track.....stay focused ......Then you will have hatslocho.
(11/19/2009 10:43:23 PM)
There is still plenty of room for printed media
The printed media choice is clearly on the disadvantage but if you think about it unlike the NY Times or other mags any jewish printed media is still important for anyone looking to read something on shabbos
since you have no access to internet published material (unless you print it out on friday) the course of action is clear
you need to gear the mag marketing to the shabbos reader's needs
with extra material in the summer when shabbos is longer
There is nothing you can't cure if you throw enough money at it
and lastly you must have an english ver. of it if yopu want to sell enough ads
remember if you post interesting content and gather enough talent they will buy in to it!!!
(11/20/2009 12:18:00 AM)
Why Even Bother
Why are we even bothering with this? Is this something that's crucial in any way to Chabad? With and multiple other informative web sites, this is a pointless mission and deserves little to no attention. This has nothing to do with Kfar Chabad vs Bais Moshiach. Kfar Chabad is not with the times and no longer needed. Let's face this fact and move on.
(11/20/2009 12:59:04 AM)
Stopped buying years ago...
When they dropped the fabulous English portion. They saved a few $, took away parnassa from some brilliant American Olim and lost a significant audience outside of EY. In chutz l'aretz, people read English, not Hebrew.
(11/20/2009 2:29:50 AM)
Nice spread
Well at least they had a nice spread at their meeting. Looks like most people are there for the food...
(11/20/2009 2:58:46 AM)
however, i want to throw my 2 cents in and suggest that rivkin join with ceitlin and together create the greatest publication chabad has produced. these are two of the most talented guys and could actually pull this off. ceitlin has proven himself with collive many times over and i still remember rivkins uforatzto journal. water can flow from the same again.
(11/20/2009 3:08:59 AM)
bais moshiac & algemeiner
the problem with both of the above publications is that you can't be two things and be in two places at the same time. mixing yiddish with english/hebrew with english, does not work. as in every business undertaking, you gotta know who your pimary markets is, cater to it, keep an open mind and with a little luck (lotta luck) you're gonna succeed.

men ken tisht tantzen oif tzvay chasenes mit ain toches.

PRINT IS STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE. I dont know about ya all, but to me, there is just nothing like laying back on a long friday night or short shabbos afternoon (after chitas & rambam), with a well put together, informative and nuatral magazine. och sheee gut!
(11/20/2009 3:52:19 AM)
uforatzto fan
i have many of the old copies of the uforatzto magazine and cherish them. over 30 years later i still see new publications clipping and reprinting articles and photos from it. i used to wait eagerly for each new issue and would devour ever single word. no one had and still doesn't have, the great photographs it featured. would love to see it revived.

what a magazine that was. would love to see it again
(11/20/2009 4:22:16 AM)
i see mendy edelkopf hes the best!!!!
(11/20/2009 7:36:34 AM)
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