Aug 16, 2009
Bochurim Complete Kesubos

A Melava Malka was held Motzei Shabbos in Melbourne to celebrate the completion of Maseches Kesubos, learned by heart by bochurim Shimon Szmerling and Avrohom Kaminetzky.

This past Motzaei Shabbos, Anash and Bochurim of the Melbourne Jewish Community gathered for a Melave Malka at the Rabbinical College of Australia and New Zealand (Yeshivah Gedolah), to celebrate the completion of Maseches Kesubos.

The event was arranged in honor of Avrohom Kaminetsky and Shimon Szmerling, who had recited the Shakle V’taria of the entire Masechta Ba’al Peh (as opposed to being spot-checked), in increments of approximately five Blatt.

In opening the proceedings, Rabbi Shmuel Lesches (Maggid Shiur – Yeshivah Gedolah) made note of the special pleasure that the Rebbe derived from Bochurim who had learned hundreds of Blatt of Gemoro Ba’al Peh (Sichas Chukas-Balak 5729), and also of the importance of celebrating such accomplishments publicly (Sichas Purim 5723). Rabbi Lesches also mentioned that this particular Siyum was very much in line with the Rebbe’s goal for the Yeshivah Gedolah of Melbourne – “to conquer Australia through the learning of Torah”.

Rabbi Zvi H. Telsner (Rov – Yeshivah Centre), then addressed the audience, in which he praised the Bochurim for their achievement, and for inspiring others to learn with added strength and vigor.

The guest speaker, Rabbi Yaakov Barber (Rov – South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation), utilized the opportunity to emphasize the high caliber of the local Bochurim, and their testament to the vitality of the Moisdois Chinuch Chabad in Melbourne. In passing, Rabbi Barber made mention of Shmaya Shusterman, a Talmid in Mesivta, who completed the entire 53 Chapters of Tanya Baal Peh, word for word.

Shimon Szmerling and Avrohom Kaminetzky then presented their respective Hadranim, and completed the Masechta, whereupon the audience broke out into a lively Niggun.

In his remarks to the audience, Rabbi Binyomin Cohen (Rosh Yeshivah – Yeshivah Gedolah) pointed out that the achievement of these two Bochurim was all the more remarkable, in that it was not at the expense of their adherence to Shmiras Hasdorim or their otherwise exemplary performance in all aspects of the standard Yeshivah curriculum.

Mr. Henry Herzog (Trustee – Yeshivah Gedolah) then presented each of the two Bochurim with a voucher to the value of $1500, which they elected to use for the purchase of Seforim. Rabbi Lesches thereupon concluded the event by thanking all of the donors who generously contributed towards the award.

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Opinions and Comments
Yagdil Torah V'Yaadir.
(8/16/2009 3:51:58 AM)
love you Avrem
(8/16/2009 4:48:38 AM)
Oihev Yisroel
Those who know Mr. Schmerling senior (sitting at the table) will know az sekumt im a za einikel because he was (as I remember him) a true oheiv yisroel.
(8/16/2009 5:00:19 AM)
tanks for the good news.
there should be moer such postings on your site, and if they don't come to the site, then COL should go to the yeshivaos to hear such news.

Rabbi Leshes thanks for the Mekores of the sichos, so we can learn those sichos, please keep it up
(8/16/2009 9:39:29 AM)
Rabbi Telzner
Rabbi Telzner is the best. we miss him here in London.
(8/16/2009 1:17:07 PM)
Go Abe, Shimon, and of course Davo
just kidding, but mazeltov
(8/16/2009 5:52:15 PM)
ex yg
go ayb
(8/16/2009 8:27:51 PM)
Proud uncle
Avremel, you make us really proud. Keep up the good work.
(8/17/2009 1:19:31 AM)
another proud uncle and aunt
Avremel, we are very impressed. May you always continue to bring lots of nachas to your parents and us all.
Shloy and Toby
(8/17/2009 4:18:29 AM)
this is a sign of the times of moshiach. Shimon and Abe keep up the chayus at the rebbes yehivah and zog GEULA
(8/17/2009 3:44:56 PM)
Kiddush Lubavitch
recently I had my problems with my snag relatives who huck mir a chinick that our bochurim can't learn, so then I showed them this article and they were very impressed. BH
(8/19/2009 12:41:53 AM)
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