Jul 17, 2017
Man with Knives Detained at Shul

London police detained a shirtless man brandishing two knives near a synagogue in Hendon; incident isn't treated as terror-related.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

A man has been detained under the Mental Health Act after he was seen carrying two knives near a synagogue in Hendon.

Concerns were raised when Community Security Trust (CST) volunteers spotted the man, who was not wearing shoes or a shirt, running towards the Toras Chaim Synagogue during Shabbat services yesterday, at about 11.15am.

He was holding two knives, the CST confirmed.

Contrary to rumors, the man did not attempt to enter the shul, and the incident is not being treated as terror-related, nor is it reported to be connected to politics or antisemitism.

CST security volunteers intervened, detaining the man in Bell Lane, where he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act by police officers.

Police confirmed that there were no injuries, a fact echoed by the CST which said: “We deeply thank the CST security volunteers who immediately intervened, courageously helping ensure that nobody was hurt.”

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Classic London police
"put down the knife Or I will blow my whistle"

Scared and petrified whimps
(7/17/2017 10:56:00 AM)
Typical English tactics. Omg the whistle watch out. Hehe.
(7/17/2017 12:48:29 PM)
@ #1 & #2
The tactic in the United States would have been to shoot the person.
The British way, is the better way.
(7/17/2017 2:58:49 PM)
America u have not been doing too well either. With all your Teddy bear police with their toy guns
(7/17/2017 4:37:04 PM)
@number1 you sound quite misinformed. We don't have a gun culture. That's why people with mental illness have kitchen knives and not assault rifles.
(7/17/2017 7:06:52 PM)
no one was hurt
Unlike in 770 the other year. A deranged guy with a knife, going nuts. The only tool the cops had to control him was to kill him....
(7/18/2017 2:04:00 AM)
#5 More and more criminals in England are getting guns.
Also there are plenty of antisemites who know they can beat Jews in the street specifically because the Jews have no guns to defend themselves with.
(7/21/2017 3:12:49 PM)
The police had to do what they had to do.
What difference does it make American or English? Their goal was to get the guy out of the place and they did it. Who cares how they did it the point is they did it and good for them!
(7/23/2017 6:35:12 PM)
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