May 19, 2017
Miss Israel Came for a Blessing

What did the Rebbe say to the winner of a beauty pageant and the question about the Upper East Side? A collection of videos of the Rebbe about women.

In the leadup to Shavuos each year, the Rebbe would address the annual Nshei Chabad Women's Convention.

Here, JEM present a collection of videos in which the Rebbe discusses the unique and vital contribution of the Jewish woman.

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SO Buitiful!
Got the privledge to hear her speak in Israeli with JLI land & Sprit!
(5/19/2017 5:02:31 PM)

The greatest video of MHM ever to influence Jewish women
Certainly it should be distributed to every media networks possible especially in Israel.This can bring MOSHIACH NOW😃.
(5/20/2017 1:34:45 PM)
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