May 17, 2017
Moscow Jews March in the Street

Russian Jews openly celebrated Lag BaOmer in Moscow with a parade in the street and a festival featuring Jewish themes and songs.

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Big Z Schapiro
Nice looks like you had a beautiful sunshine and the most important thing is you had a great time keep up the good work and keep on smiling go Rabbi Berl Lazer
(5/18/2017 4:40:52 PM)
Looks like a magnificent parade,
Schoyach, really beautiful!
(5/18/2017 6:31:14 PM)
Very nice
I had thought Russia was so full of antisemitin that such a parade could not he held in Moscow.
Baruch H-sh-m, I was wrong.
This is beautiful.
(5/19/2017 1:00:47 AM)
I can't see you Mendel, but i know you are there...
-dancing bear
(5/19/2017 1:28:45 AM)
מקסים. נראה מאורגן להפליא ובעל תוכן. יישר כח גדול לכל המארגנים
(5/19/2017 8:19:58 AM)
Just as people change, so do regimes
Don't forget your history. For about 70 years, until 1990, it was illegal to practice ANY religion, even in the privacy of your home! This ban was brutally enforced. B"H times have changed so much that a beautiful Lag BaOmer parade like this can take place.
(5/21/2017 12:37:28 PM)
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