May 17, 2017
Governor Helps Chabad Mark 18

Governor Bill Haslam praised the Jews for bringing prosperity to Tenessee at Chabad of Nashville's 18th celebration.

Charity galas can be glamorous, they can be fun, unique, a night out, even at times sublime, something that lifts one higher. The Chabad gala celebrating 18 years of Chabad of Nashville was heavenly.

It began with a sophisticated invitation that landed softly in the mailbox. A lilac paper that spoke of the last day of April. Honoring a politician with principals, Governor Bill Haslam with the Friend of Israel Award; a community leader not afraid to innovate, Mr. Bernie Pargh with the Jewish Leadership Award; and a woman who gives of her talents and skills to charitable organizations, Mrs. Dianne Berry with the Eishet Chayil Award.

When guests arrived at the gala, they felt what visitors from all over the country experience at Chabad of Nashville, headed by Rabbi Yitzchok and Esther Tiechtel.

A feeling of being welcomed and embraced. For the guests on the slightly rainy night, the evening began with a valet service that enabled them to walk between the raindrops in their dinner attire.

During the cocktail hour, they were served bbq chicken bites, olive tapenade, herbed crostini, and on to Southern Sushi. The ballroom was set to perfection with soft roses and hydrangeas mirroring the guest’s happy faces. Joe and Courtney Freedman, gala chairs, set the tone with a warm and spirited welcome.


Rabbi Levi Klein, Executive Director of Chabad of Tennessee, read a letter of the Rebbe’s blessings for the freedoms in this great country of the United States and the wisdom to use them well. The guests watched a video portraying the joy Chabad has brought the community in the past 18 chai years.

They heard of the future from Doug and Adele Revere, who spoke of the kindness and values that will be shared in the Jewish Montessori Preschool, helping shape lives for years to come.

Special honorees Boaz and Tali Ramon spoke about the importance of this great day, and recognized the many volunteers that make Chabad the warm and welcoming place it is for all who walk through its doors.

Rabbi and Mrs. Tiechtel thanked the honorees and all the friends, who with their support, make the Center’s programming a reality. The recipients of the awards transported us to new possibilities. Dianne Berry spoke of the actual joy of volunteerism, while Bernie Pargh radiated positivity and the value of community.

Governor Haslam, in his gentle soft tone, quoted from Jeremiah and the greatness of the Jewish nation who searched for shalom, peace, in their cities of dwelling and have brought prosperity and stability to the cities of Middle Tennessee.

While the dinner of succulent brisket and chicken roulade was served, the Governor and some friends took the time to tour the new Jewish Montessori Preschool classrooms, showing their appreciation for education, philanthropy and the beauty of building community.

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Opinions and Comments
So beautiful
The Schluchim are beyond amazing !
(5/17/2017 10:18:28 PM)
Kol hakovod
Rabbi and Mrs Tiechtel have changed the face of Yiddishkeit in Nashville
All the Rebbe's koach
(5/18/2017 12:59:32 AM)
Governor Haslam is a true friend
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is a dear friend of Chabad of Nashville and a true Ohev Yisroel.
(5/18/2017 8:04:41 AM)
Beautiful! Job well done! Great Kiddush Hashem!
(5/19/2017 9:43:35 AM)
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