Mar 20, 2017
Video Parodies Benny Friedman

After a ten year hiatus, David Lavon, the creator of the popular 2004 music video "Lecha" is back with a video parody of Benny Friedman's newest hit "Ivri Anochi."

Ivri Anochi


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Imitation is the highest form of flattery
(3/20/2017 5:14:04 PM)
Like this a lot!
Especially the first two-thirds of Ivri Anochi, is really great, I love it. Fantastic, awesome, reminds me of the style of Simche Friedman's Kaddish, Wow, Wow, Wow!! Also a bit of Simchas Beis Hashoiava, terrific! Moshiach Now!
(3/20/2017 5:32:31 PM)
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