Mar 16, 2017
'Schenirer' Opens in Crown Heights

The Sara Schenirer school for higher education is opening a branch in Crown Heights, led by Mrs. Aidella Avtzon-Blesofsky.

By COLlive reporter

Sara Schenirer Teachers Seminary, an acclaimed Jewish school for higher education in Brooklyn, NY, will be opening a branch in Crown Heights.

Beginning Fall of 2017, both Bachelors and Masters programs will be offered for the local Chabad-Lubavitch community.

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, the seminary has been setting standards of excellence with its high-quality education delivered in record time and accredited through the partner institution Concordia College of New York.

This program affords young frum girls and women the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science in just one year, and a Master's Degree in Education and Special Education only one year later.

Many other degrees in high performing professions are also being offered. Moreover, these unique degree combinations are being offered at an affordable cost and claiming a 93% graduation success rate, and post- graduate employment.

The Schenirer Institute for education is directed by Rabbi Eliezer Meisels whose father founded the school with the goal of helping woman further their education to attain better jobs without compromising their observance.

The new branch in Crown Heights will be directed by an alumnus and current professor at their central branch, Mrs. Aidella Avtzon-Blesofsky M.S.eD A/AOGPE, an educator in Crown Heights for over 10 years.

This branch will be conveniently located in Crown Heights, making it easily accessible to all. Local professors are being hired, in hopes for creating a warm environment to teach, educate, and inspire girls and women, while maintaining the community's standards.

An Open House is scheduled this Monday, March 20, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM, at Beis Levi Yitzchok, 556 Crown Street to inform the community about the classes and degrees being offered in a frum and warm environment. Light refreshments will be served.

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Opinions and Comments
Mrs B is the best!
If Aidella's running I know it will be something special
(3/16/2017 7:59:51 PM)
This is what our community needs!
Thank you for filling a need! Looking forward to sending my daughters
(3/16/2017 8:24:00 PM)
I second #1!!!!
(3/16/2017 8:37:27 PM)
Aidella = amazing, intelligent, devoted,educated, loving,learning, abosolue attention!
(3/16/2017 9:21:08 PM)
Sounds amazing!
Make sure to put some chassidus in curriculum!
(3/16/2017 9:30:37 PM)
Wow this is so great! No more having to go to Bork park and adding so much more travel time
Thank you for doing this!
(3/16/2017 9:30:46 PM)
Aidella is amazing
Aidella helped my son is ways no one else would've helped him. She not only knows what to teach, she knows how to implement too. If she is running, I know the program will be amazing
(3/16/2017 9:32:41 PM)
Really looking forward to this! Will there be further open houses if i can not make it to this one?
(3/16/2017 10:01:12 PM)
Go Aidella!
Aidella is an awesome professor, teacher and shlucha- I'm sure she will run a great program
(3/16/2017 10:04:19 PM)
Wow! Big News!
Nice to see people doing things for the community
(3/16/2017 10:09:29 PM)
Real Talent!
It's beautiful to see when real devoted, talented people conribute back to their community.
Thank you Mrs B for all your hard work.
(3/16/2017 10:16:34 PM)
Some Qs
Which college is accrediting this?
Why did old college drop sara schenirer?
Will this be beneficial for our kids who will be serviced by graduates who did the fast track/less intense program/lower expectations than other programs?
(3/16/2017 10:38:58 PM)
Sounds amazing
I had a very positive experience with Sara schenir in boro park. It would've been so convenient to have a location here in crown heights! The girls who attend it now are lucky. Aidella is also a pleasure to work with!
(3/17/2017 12:53:48 AM)
Great opportunity!
Hatzlacha rabba!
(3/17/2017 3:08:52 AM)
No college
Rebbe said no college. No College!
(3/17/2017 5:52:58 AM)
What about higher education for males?
(3/17/2017 7:38:42 AM)
Here in crown Heights?
Crown Heights is a Lubavitch community the person that was and is in charge of Lubavitch did not incoruge college at all in fact, telling someone which wanted to go to college which questiond the Rebbe on his going, the Rebbe replied, when you go through the entire bavli yerushalmy with all of the major commentaries (and listed a few more) then you can go to college also.
So this is what I say.
If you as an individual would like to go study in college then we as a community cannot stop you and if it makes sense for some ppl and they speak it over with their then No problem but to implement it as part of the lubavitcher community to bring it to crown Heights. That should not be allowed
(3/17/2017 8:23:59 AM)
Mrs. B
As a parent, I have never seen such an amazing teacher. Like daughter. My girls were fortunate to have both of them. Mrs. B will run an amazing program . Good luck!
(3/17/2017 8:53:07 AM)
Time for a boys College!
This is such amazing news. Finally a chance for our girls to get the highest level of education without much sacrifice.
Aidella - a yaher koach to you!

If only someone took such care for our boys. Most of which sit around with no oppurtunity, and the weight of reality on their shoulders. Why are our woman making more $$$ than the men. We need our boys to get educated.

(3/17/2017 8:54:15 AM)
Our boys!!!
Our boys also need a frum Chassidishe mesivta for Chassidishe boys that runs an English program! Boys need a normal job too!!! Reality hits you when the same boys who went through the system cannot afford to pay for their children' mesivta, Zal and more.... the Chassidishe system doesn't work together with the Chassidishe hashkafa of not going to college..... sad sad reality
(3/17/2017 9:25:42 AM)
To# 17
If you went to college you would spell ENCOURAGE correctly.

Let us not all pretend to be protecting the rebbes kovod,

Start with listening to the rebbe about cheap rent, and then our boys and girls would not need college.
(3/17/2017 9:29:25 AM)
comments 19 and 20..can't agree more. it is about time, our boys get an opportunity to grow and find their potential.
(3/17/2017 10:33:14 AM)
To #17
It's not so cut and dry. The Rebbe did encourage some people to go to college on a case by case basis.
(3/17/2017 10:42:22 AM)
So excited!
Thank you so much! This is such a wonderful opportunity! And thank you Mrs Blesofsky for running it and giving our girls this opportunity!
(3/17/2017 10:44:42 AM)
To #17
Separate, frum colleges based on specific professions were encouraged by the Rebbe as an alternative to regular goyishe universities. This is a wonderful idea, halevai there should be more.
(3/17/2017 10:11:35 AM)
To number 20
Look into Mesivta Ohr Temimim in Toronto. It is an incredible chassidishe mesivta with an accredited general studies program.
(3/17/2017 3:13:14 PM)
To # 17
I thought I was the only one that thought like you.
THE REBBE gave a few individuals, the go ahead for college.THE REBBE'S Shechuna is NOT a place for college.
(3/18/2017 9:15:37 PM)
our moseds
our moseds have to hire non Lubavitchers whenever they need a professional or when a board of a school or a gov't funded program requires a degree. Now these jobs can go to Lubavitchers who understand and maintain our standards. This is important to keep up the quality of our schools.
(3/19/2017 10:00:25 PM)
Bais Rivkah Seminary is doing this too
doesn't the seminary offer credits
(3/20/2017 8:01:22 AM)
The Rebbe
I am not the Rebbe and cannot speak for him, but it's clear to me that this is not what he had in mind. If anything, I believe strongly he would have supported this effort. Sara shnierer is the opposite of what college is - meaning that they provide an amazing education and the degree that the students get from the college they're affiliated with is a serious degree - but there are none of things that people are worried about with a college. The environment and professors are great and the schedule is perfect for a frum person and they help you so much. don't just assume the Rebbe would be against. know the facts before you speak.
(3/20/2017 9:16:22 AM)
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