Feb 16, 2017
Baby Shop Offers Shluchos Gift

As Shluchos from around the world are gathering in Crown Heights for this year's Kinus HaShluchos, Lullaby Baby, a Park Slope baby gear store, has a sweet gift awaiting them.

As Shluchos from around the world are gathering in Crown Heights for this year's Kinus HaShluchos, one local business has a sweet gift awaiting them.

Lullaby Baby, a Park Slope baby gear store, will be gifting a free children’s game valued at $12.95 to every Shlucha to bring home to their children, as a special surprise.

“Our customers include so many Shluchos worldwide who purchase baby gear for their families and educational toys for their mosdos, so I get to see the devotion and energy they invest both in their families and organizations,” said Kayla Kramer, co-owner of Lullaby Baby. "Many of them have traveled across the world to be here, and we wanted to share a little something with them, as well as bring a pop-up store to the Crown Heights community in their honor, as we've done the past few years."

The free game can be redeemed at Lullaby Baby’s annual Pop Up Mall taking place on Sunday, February 19th from 9:30 AM-5:00 PM at Chevra Ahavas Yisroel (306 Albany Ave). Any Shlucha with a badge can choose from a predesignated selection of fun games.

Cradled in the hip neighborhood of Park Slope, Lullaby is the hottest destination for better baby shopping. Their wide array of the most popular nursery furniture, baby gear, toys and newborn essentials coupled with outstanding customer service attracts Brooklyn’s smartest shoppers.

Pop up Mall Sunday February 19th: Lullaby Baby will offer huge discounts for on car seats, strollers, toys and more! Lullaby Baby will be joined by local vendors offering more sales: MB Wigs, Teela, Pelle NYC, Bon Knit & MJC. See flyer below for more info.

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Opinions and Comments
Best Prices! Best Service!
(2/16/2017 7:20:38 PM)
What a beautiful idea
(2/16/2017 8:01:44 PM)
Beautiful gesture...
From a fabulous store
(2/16/2017 10:37:15 PM)
Love Lullaby Baby!
Yossi is so amazing at guiding the customers! He helped me pick the right stuff and am so happy!
(2/16/2017 10:49:38 PM)
Yossi !!
Yossi is the best! Always honest and patient. I always come in to see and buy and he ships to me. I know I can go to my local baby store however they don't nearly have the quality, style and knowledge as Yossi.
(2/16/2017 11:31:49 PM)
The baby cook steamer and blender is fantastic!
(The moustacifier is the family favorite)
My husband appreciated Yossi's help.
(2/16/2017 11:51:08 PM)
Uncle bob
Yossi has been a great help over and over again.
I truly recommend this store.
Great prices and terrific service.
Yossi is a gem. .
(2/18/2017 7:42:39 PM)
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