Feb 16, 2017
New Mikvah Dedicated in Nigeria

The very first Mikvah to be built in all of Western Africa has recently been completed and was dedicated in a gala event.

The very first Mikvah to be built in all of Western Africa has recently been completed.

The stunning new state-of-the-art Mikvah was dedicated at an elegant event held last week with donors and women from surrounding areas, some traveling from Lagos and Ghana to participate in the gala event.

Several attempts had been made in the past to build a Mikvah in the city, but due to the prohibitive costs of land and building permits, the project was delayed until last year, when construction began on the project.

Chabad's Shliach in Nigeria Rabbi Israel Uzan located a small property and signed a long-term lease and digging began just after Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5776.

The French-born rabbi arrived in 2012 in the capital city of Abuja with his wife Haya Uzan to establish Chabad Lubavitch of Nigeria.

Rabbi Uzan invited the renowned Mikvah expert Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum to help with the architectural plans and oversee the construction of the foundation and water reservoirs (boros).

Work began last year on the 10th of Shevat, an auspicious day in Chabad commemorating the yartzeit of the Frierdiker Rebbe and the day the Rebbe accepted the mantle of leadership of world Jewry respectively.

The Mikvah will be available for the more than 70 Jewish families from Abuja and Lagos, 10 whom have already undertaken to keep the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha, Rabbi Uzan said.

Chabad of Africa, with branches in Angola, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, operates under the leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Bentolila, Head Shliach of Central Africa.

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BH ! WOW ! So Beautiful
Absolutely amazing what our shluchos do. A groise Yasher Koach . Moshiach NOW.
(2/16/2017 3:39:02 PM)
BS"D Amazing, when one reads the stories of Mikvah closings in Russia and contrast that with this (as well as the others world wide) its leaves one speechless as to what the Rebbe and the Schluchim/us have accomplished. Keep up the Good work-you make the Rebbe and all of Lubavitche proud
(2/16/2017 5:02:01 PM)
big Z Schapiro
beautiful may wish you all go from strength to strength happiness and successful and thank you very much for sharing with us
(2/16/2017 5:10:52 PM)
Beyond words
Now thats a product of Brunoy
(2/16/2017 5:49:31 PM)
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