Feb 17, 2017
Girls Join For Spirited Rally
Photos: Shimi Kutner/COLlive

Lubavitch girls from around the world joined the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchos for a global rally streamed live from 770 Eastern Parkway.

This Friday, 19th of Shevat, a special global rally will take place in honor of the 29th Yahrtzeit of the Rebbetzin.

For the second time, girls from around the world will be joining the Kinus Tzeriei Hashluchos for this special occasion via live stream.

The rally will be held in 770 at 12:00pm and will include pesukim and guest speakers.

The Shluchim Office invites all Lubavitch girls from around the world to join the live broadcast of the rally on COLlive.com.

Thanks to Chabad.org for streaming the live broadcast.

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Opinions and Comments
Love you guys so much!!!!!!
Shaina and estie:)
(2/18/2017 6:40:20 AM)
Go Shluchim office
For 30 years you guys don't stop !
(2/18/2017 11:28:08 PM)
Go Menucha Esther!!!
We are so proud of you!!!
(2/18/2017 11:58:09 PM)
go bais chomeshers!!!!!!!!!!!
woohoo dassi rufa and teibel!!!!!!
have fun enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(2/19/2017 10:55:31 AM)
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