Feb 16, 2017
Milano Offers Free 'Uber' Code

Milano Wigs has created an Uber code for easy transportation for Shluchos to attend their wig sale.

Each year since 2003 Milano Collection has made its wigs and stylists available in Crown Heights during the Shluchos Convention. Offering a full selection of high quality wigs at extremely affordable prices, including a large selection of "PreCut" wigs.

Shlucha and life coach Helena Herman of Raleigh, NC, gushes about her Milano Wig. "I love my MIlano wig the most! Women in my community have no idea I am wearing a Shaitel. I learned after wearing my Milano that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have a beautiful wig. Working with the experts at Milano is always a pleasure," she says.

For this year's Shluchos convention Milano wigs will be available at the chic Ell Tee Studios [LT], less than 3 blocks from Oholei Torah. For those that are (still) weary of venturing beyond Eastern Parkway, Milano is providing free Uber rides to the Studio. To obtain an Uber code Shluchos can text "Uber" to 646.780.9240.

Shluchos without the Uber app can use a friend's Uber account to reach the sale and Milano will order an Uber for the ride back to Crown Heights. WiFi, warm beverages and fresh baked goods will be available. Visit MCwigs.com/Shluchos for full details. See the latest Milano PreCuts and color trends on Instagram @milanowigs.

Sale Location:
Ell Tee Studios 950 St Johns Pl #2 (bet Brooklyn Ave & NY Ave)

Friday 11AM-2PM
Sunday & Monday 10AM-5PM

To obtain your Uber code, text "Uber" to 646.780.9240

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