Feb 13, 2017
"Salesmen" Exposed As Burglars

A Crown Heights homeowner warns that violent burglars seen on a video shared on social media recently tried to enter his home.

By COLlive reporter

A Crown Heights homeowner was shocked to see a familiar person on a video shared on social media meant to warn people about a ring of home burglars.

The frightening video shows a woman standing at the front door of a home, ringing the bell, and then speaking to the person who opens the door.

While the unsuspecting person in the home speaks to her, a man, who appears to be her accomplice, enters the home. He is seen on video assaulting the homeowner and then going inside. A few seconds later, a second male accomplice enters the home as well. The woman is seen standing outside and appears to be acting as a lookout.

No other information was available about the video, however a Crown Heights homeowner who received it via Whatsapp yesterday was shocked when he watched it.

The homeowner, who lives on New York Avenue near Eastern Pkwy, said he recognized the people in the video as having rung his bell approximately a month ago.

"Please warn the community," he asked. "I know that woman's face. These people came to my house several times at 8:00 - 8:30 at night in Crown Heights. They said they were offering free estimates for Anderson windows. At the time I thought it was very strange," he said.

"They came twice, first the man came, and then two days later this same girl came and the guy was standing in the background," the homeowner said.

Crown Heights residents should be careful when answering the door, always check to make sure you know who it is before opening it.

"It was definitely the same girl talking to me," he said. "It's very scary, after watching this video I couldn't sleep last night."

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Opinions and Comments
The guys came to my home
They came twice like one week apart asking about having my windows checked looked a little strange and I told them I'm not interested
(2/13/2017 11:59:28 AM)
dont open the door call shomrim asap
(2/13/2017 12:48:20 PM)
They came as salesmen for Anderson Windows
This is a real threat. They came to my house twice last week to make a sale on replacing my windows. The video should be sent to the police.
(2/13/2017 9:53:30 AM)
Whats' new?
This is an old story. Almost a full month ago and as usual the cops are not doing a thing about it. Just eating donuts and waiting for Shmira or Shomrim to do the job for them.
(2/13/2017 10:00:14 AM)
Are they black or white ppl?
(2/13/2017 10:00:39 AM)
thats terrible
(2/13/2017 10:05:17 AM)
to 5
Woman was Caucasian and the men were African American.
(2/13/2017 10:08:40 AM)
Anderson windows
Came to my home in Ch a few months ago and were very odd they kept me at the door talking about nothing for 15 min it was strange.
(2/13/2017 10:11:33 AM)
Union street
They also came to my house on union street with the window sales talk wearing that workers jacket. I said no thank you on my intercom
(2/13/2017 11:46:32 AM)
they came to sterling place
the woman rang my bell 2 weeks ago and I declined her offer
(2/13/2017 11:47:26 AM)
Get a gun!
This is why I have a gock, 2 1911's, 2 AR's, a Tavor, 3 22 rifles and a shotgun do yourself a favor and skip my house!
(2/13/2017 12:18:55 PM)
Va'chamushim Aloo b'nei yisrael M'eretz Mitzrayim
Arm yourselves! You ride a bike with a helmet, you drive with a car with a seat belt, you live in predominantly black neighborhood WITH ARMS. It's that simple.
(2/13/2017 1:06:09 PM)
some weird man rang the doorbell and said he has a good plan for a phone and we declined and he asked if he should come tonight and we are like no get away
(2/13/2017 3:27:16 PM)
Saw this group on Crown St. last week
Be careful of these people.
(2/13/2017 3:40:14 PM)
Did anyone get hurt? What do they do when they get in?
(2/13/2017 6:28:05 PM)
The Most Important Thing
Is to find out who is sending them to commit the crimes, and who is sending all the rest of them to commit the crimes. This is the ONLY WAY to really bring an end to it.
(2/14/2017 1:06:28 AM)
To #11
Do you carry all this guns to the door every time someone knocks? Please explain how all those guns will protect you on this case.
(2/14/2017 7:10:44 AM)
A screen shot of this needs to be posted on stores/lamposts
This is the only way for these group of ppl to know that we're on to them /be recognized/ and keep them away from the neighborhood!!! They're all on drugs!
(2/14/2017 4:42:45 PM)
For the record...
#4, unfortunately, you're right...
#11, gimme a break without SAMs you're still vulnerable to air attack, get on my level, 2 surplus SA-5 systems under the "schach"
(2/14/2017 9:24:53 PM)
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