Nov 4, 2015
Officials Decry Recent Violence

At a press conference decrying recent violent incidents, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams sent a message to residents of Crown Heights and visiting Shluchim: "You are safe in Brooklyn."

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, New York City Council Member Laurie Cumbo, NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and other officials held a news conference Wednesday to decry recent violence against Jews in the neighborhood.

The conference gathered in front of the Jewish Children's Museum on the main street of Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, only blocks away from where an Orthodox Jewish man was attacked the night before.

The 34 year old man was stabbed in his shoulder at around 9:00 PM Tuesday while walking on Eastern Parkway between Nostrand and Rogers Avenue.

Police described the attacker as "a male black wearing a black hoodie and a mask." He fled in an unknown direction and efforts are being made to find him.

The violent incident, which occurred the day before Chabad's annual Conference of Shluchim, prompted the New York Police Department to add security to the area.

The next morning, a Jewish man was attacked while walking on Lefferts Avenue near Albany Avenue at about 6 am, by a man who punched him in the face and yelled, "I'm fed up with the Jews!" and other Anti-Semitic statements.

Borough President Adams said the stabbing attack Tuesday night by a person wearing a mask was a crime of "premeditated hate."

"This is the kind of hate we don't want in Crown Heights, we don't want in Brooklyn and we don't want in the city," said Borough President Adams.

"Any time that hate shows its ugly face, even when it's covered with a mask, we as community leaders, elected officials and activists come together and put out a strong call."

Adams praised the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) who announced that it is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible for the Eastern Parkway slashing.

"We know how to live together in Crown Heights, and we will not allow the small number of small minded people with their hatred to take away what we have," Adams said.

Adams pointed out that the press conference was specially organized at the Jewish Children's Museum and not a few blocks away where the attack occurred because it is "a symbol of the Crown Heights community's struggle to ensure that all forms of hatred is stamped out."

Devorah Halberstam, whose son was murdered in a terror attack on the Brooklyn Bridge and in whose memory the Museum was built, said the stabbing is a message to "the Mayor, the President, the city, the country."

"This must be stopped and be nipped in the bud immediately," she said.

The Borough President said he would himself be registering for the Kinus Hashluchim following the press conference, to show the Shluchim that "they are safe in Brooklyn," he said.

Video: Press conference after Crown Heights attacks

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Opinions and Comments
m. a.
is the Satmer Chosid the Hasidic councilman Rabbi David Niederman of the Williamsburg community?
(11/4/2015 3:07:05 PM)
Ok but blah blah blah
Just get the guy and give him a sentence that will make others think twice. That is the ONLY WAY.
(11/4/2015 3:17:41 PM)
interesting how the perps hate the Jews but the Jews never hurt anyone
Have you seen a press conference by Blacks or Arabs decrying the violence done to them by Jews
yet there have been several in front of the JCM unfortunately
(11/4/2015 4:09:19 PM)
why so many satmar do we show up in their press conferences?
(11/4/2015 4:10:27 PM)
Dvora Halberstam is right on
Booking these thugs only radicalizes them more in prison. I begin to understand capital punishment more now.
(11/4/2015 4:11:09 PM)
PS shakoach ( or however ones spells it) to all the officials who come to these rally's and especially Mr. Hikind who never misses one
(11/4/2015 5:01:51 PM)
America and world media's continued support of the terrorists and denouncement of Israel during the attacks has given the apparent right to any thug to attack a Jew r''l. There is something sick and distorted going on in the world now with supposedly civilized countries (look at England) showing an active contempt and vilification of the attacked while ennobling the attacker. Typical abuser mentality- always claiming that the innocent party walking down the street with no claims to violence 'deserved' somehow to be killed.
(11/4/2015 5:03:25 PM)
What a bunch of hacks
This is another opportunity for these power-hungry "officials" to publicly assert their positions and power. Does anyone actually believe that these people really care about Jewish safety? Our government is constantly pushing an agenda that instigates racial divide. These are all puppets, saying and doing what they need to, so the government money will continue flowing into their bank accounts unabated.
(11/4/2015 5:20:21 PM)
Done after five
Do after 5 o'clock and ask the community to show support
(11/4/2015 6:41:37 PM)
To 8
Have some respect. These people are going out of their way to denounce antisemitic violence.
(11/4/2015 6:54:13 PM)
Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher
Ummm, am I missing something, or does Eric Adams honestly think that the Jewish community is really that far "out of touch" with reality? From my perspective, if people are being stabbed and beaten on a daily basis, that would constitute being VULNERABLE, NOT SAFE! It seems quite obvious that Mr. Adams only seeks to further insult whatever intelligent people are still living in Crown Heights by making such an outrageous statement, which is so incredibly distant from the truth! Maybe he honestly believes that the Jews are really that profoundly ignorant that they may actually believe him? Maybe he's right? Who knows? As they say: "you reap what you sow".
(11/4/2015 8:18:06 PM)
practical improvment needed
crown heights needs live cameras mounted on every street
(11/4/2015 10:39:32 PM)
Crown heights needs snipers
And armed lubuvitch ears
Do rely upon n mirricles
Get a gun
(11/5/2015 3:04:32 PM)
About time
(11/5/2015 6:56:59 PM)
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