Nov 4, 2015
Final Preparations for Kinus
Photos: Mendel Benhamou

Final preparations are underway for the international Kinus Hashluchim which will begin today in Crown Heights.

The international Kinus Hashluchim will begin today, where shluchim from all over the world will join together.

In recent weeks Merkos suite 302 offices which includes the Kinus office became the central place for Kinus preparations.

The place is buzzing with activity all day and night as dozens of employees and volunteers working around the clock to take care of the small details to ensure the success of the kinus.

With more than 5,000 shluchim and lay leaders expected to attend the five-day conference that commences this Wednesday evening and concludes with a gala banquet on Sunday, the Union-Bedford Armory has been selected as a most suitable venue for the 80 workshops, general sessions and Shabbos meal that are set to take place. The gala banquet will be held in the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal.

The last number of days has seen the Armory become transformed from an empty shell into a brilliantly designed elegant conference center and the Marine Terminal into a resplendent banquet hall.

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