Nov 3, 2015
Jewish Man Stabbed in Brooklyn

A Jewish man was stabbed in Crown Heights on Tuesday, prompting NYPD to add security for the Chabad Shluchim convention.

By COLlive reporter

A Jewish man was stabbed with a knife on Tuesday evening prompting the New York Police Department to add security when thousands of Chabad rabbis are set to convene.

The 34 year old Jewish man was stabbed in his shoulder at around 9:00 PM while walking on Eastern Parkway between Nostrand and Rogers Avenue.

Police described the attacker as "a male black wearing a black hoodie and a mask." He fled in an unknown direction and efforts are being made to find him.

The Jewish man is a volunteer for Hatzalah Crown Heights, a local volunteer Emergency Medical Service (EMS) organization. He was treated by his colleagues and taken to Kings County Hospital. He is in stable condition, COLlive was told.

"The victim was stabbed from the back, and quickly turned out so the knife missed any vital organs," the person's friend said. "It is a miracle that he is in stable condition. Please say Tehillim for Dovid Shlomo hakohen ben Shterna Malka."

The crime took place in close proximity to the Bedford-Union Armory on Bedford Avenue where the International Kinus Hashluchim convention of Chabad rabbis is set to begin on Wednesday.

The area is scheduled for a heavy police presence and increased security due to the conference, a source from the NYPD told COLlive. This will be stepped up and will begin tonight due to the attack, they said.

NYPD Assistant Chief Steven Powers, Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, said that they are exploring the "possibly of a bias crime."

Brooklyn President Eric Adams visited the scene of the stabbing on Tuesday night, to reassure local residents that the NYPD is treating the attack very seriously, which is a possible hate crime, he said.

"We are extremely sensitive now, with thousands of religious leaders coming in a few days for the Lubavitch convention," he said. "We want to make sure the community is safe," he said.

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Mamash Reshaim
It makes me sick to see such things.
These stupid terrorists are stabbing people left and right and the world remains silent.

(11/3/2015 9:07:25 PM)
obamba better address this
This is unacceptable!!!
(11/3/2015 9:07:46 PM)
Why? Headline?!
Why is the headline "Hatzolo Member?! This has nothing to do with Hatzolo or a different volunteer group? It should read "A Yid stabbed"! He wasn't on a hatzolo call. (He could have been an insurance broker too).
(11/3/2015 9:20:39 PM)
(11/3/2015 9:22:48 PM)
Ways his name
(11/3/2015 9:22:58 PM)
It's time to move to israel
It's time we all move to israel
(11/3/2015 9:24:11 PM)
This is happening becasue everyone is Silent
Wake up people this happened to a few people a day in Israel since a month or 2 ago!
Don't let them start here now!
(11/3/2015 9:25:22 PM)
Refoua chlema! !!
Please let say Tehilims for Dovid Shlomo Hacohen Ben sterna Malka
(11/3/2015 9:27:28 PM)
Dovid Shlomo Hakoen ben Shterna Malka
(11/3/2015 9:27:31 PM)
let's not take that...
time to carry....
(11/3/2015 9:31:10 PM)
There is a lot of hate in the streets now. I personally have seen many muslims on utica and a full fledged mosque on rogers. Please be aware. Utica might be cheaper by a few cents on groceries etc but they dont deserve our support.
(11/3/2015 9:32:52 PM)
"Orthodox jews attacks African American youth's knife with his back"
(11/3/2015 9:33:12 PM)
The scam
Is that real estate prices sky rocketed over on that area and from my PD friends it's all crack town USA
(11/3/2015 9:36:07 PM)
i know the victim... i pray for his speedy recovery. before we all jump and say terrorist... lets wait and see what the deal is.... it could be a nuratic homless person and nothing to do with terrorisim. either way, u cant be oblivious while out on the street, be alert and aware of your surroundings.
(11/3/2015 9:39:16 PM)
name for tehillim
דוד שלמה הכהן בן שטערנא מלכה
(11/3/2015 9:40:17 PM)
Arm yourselves
It's time for us to own firearms like in Israel. Funny how in America the assailant gets away, in Israel he would have been shot on the spot. Yep, it's time for Crown Heights residents to carry arms.
(11/3/2015 9:40:39 PM)
Number 3
Maybe he was on a Hatzolah call! Do you know that he wasn't?
(11/3/2015 9:41:00 PM)
His name
דוד שלמה הכהן בן שטערנא מלכה
(11/3/2015 9:48:11 PM)
there should be police on both corners of every block
(11/3/2015 9:49:13 PM)
Every one needs to be aware of their surrounding and carry some sort of weapon!!
At the moment if you are Jew you are a target. We have to nip it in the bud!!! Make a big deal about it, write into the papers, blast it on social media!!!
Secondly, how many Lubavitchers voted?? When the time comes, get off your lazy .... and vote!!!!!
(11/3/2015 9:51:44 PM)
Zalmy Schapiro
so let me get this straight what's happening in Israel there's been a lot of stabbings going on there and now it's happening here in Crown Heights my goodness as we want Moshiach now ok I will definitely say Tehillam
(11/3/2015 9:52:22 PM)
Every Jew a 22
(11/3/2015 9:52:34 PM)
Thanks to a liberal Mayor
NYC is going back down the dumps to Dinkins days. I see it everywhere. .. the streets are dirty, the homeless are all over Manhattan... the silver lining is that the housing prices will go back down. ..the youth are running wilder. We just need Rachamei Shamayim that no one gets hurt in the meantime.

The bottom line is that you get a conservative, crime is eliminated but it become unaffordable, you get a liberal, it becomes affordable but it is no longer safe. ..
(11/3/2015 9:55:55 PM)
That's is a MAJOR security breach with the kinus in a couple days where much more people will be walking up and down eastern parkway in that same spot, we must have cops on every corner of every street!
(11/3/2015 9:58:29 PM)
4 Mosks
There are 4 mosks in Crown Heights 1 - Eastern Parkway / Utica 2 - East New York Ave / East 98 St 3 -. Nostrand / Park Pl. 4 - Nostrand / Clarkson

They are dangerous we need to have the FBI investigate them, we have to work in advance
(11/3/2015 10:07:33 PM)
Let's go out
Let's go out in the streets right now
(11/3/2015 10:09:04 PM)
stop screaming out to the goyim for help!
refuah shelaima!
i hate to brake it to all of you, but obama is a goy. esav sone es yaakov. when was one time in history that the goyim helped us? and how many times did they try to destroy us when we asked for help. Hashem is the ruler of this world. Hes the one we go to.

its hakhel! the Rebbe gave us direction. lets act! we have the power to destroy our enemy. the Rebbe didnt exaggerate what He said. im working hours on a small hakhel that im making. everyone just needs to make one, and well have enough to make at least two a day for the rest of the year.

Hashem will help. dont get me wrong, im sad and scared too. for us in ch, and for yidin everywhere, but the Rebbe taught us to do more torah and mitzvos in such times. to do mivtzoim. to spread chasidus. there is so much of it needed. we have no excuse not to do what the Rebbe said.
moshiach now!!!!!!!!!!!
(11/3/2015 10:14:15 PM)
We NEED Mashiach!!!
Rebbe, Ad Masai!!!!?????!!!!!!!?????
(11/3/2015 10:14:41 PM)
And maybe he was wearing a hatzola jacket which made him stand out as a target ?
(11/3/2015 10:18:48 PM)
What is this?! A Jewish man stabbed?! Where we living in 2015 in America!!! What's going on?! We need to get to bottom of this! Who was this guy. Top officials need to be on this case til the end- and justice is served. This perp is going to be the example of what happens when u start up with a Jew!
(11/3/2015 10:29:17 PM)
TO 29
He should be afraid wearing a HATZOLOH jacket i the streets? Thats not the point. The point is he was targeted as a YID!
(11/3/2015 10:32:22 PM)
are there surveillance cameras in the area?
(11/3/2015 10:45:06 PM)
thanks to #25. be aware where the mosques are
(11/3/2015 10:46:23 PM)
Funny if it was the other way around, and it was an African American being stabbed by a Jew, they would be picketing in the street. The community regardless of race should come together and police their own, as we do. We don't welcome hatred or violence and teach to love and change within ourselves. The perp, do you think he is thinking that. No, and he is an ignoramus. What can you do. reach out to to others and teach healthy ways to make decisions.
(11/3/2015 10:52:09 PM)
Good Idea!
I told my husband to carry a wooden baseball bat with him as he walks back and forth to shul tomorrow morning. To be alert and to be aware of the surroundings. We must all be vigilant. I hope he listens to my advice.
(11/3/2015 10:52:24 PM)
We need answer ASAP!!!
(11/3/2015 10:57:14 PM)
that will be the headline on all the papers in the morning....
(11/3/2015 11:00:55 PM)
time to take action
say No!
to those selling and renting homes in ch to goyim
(11/3/2015 11:06:06 PM)
He wasnt wearing a hatzolah uniform, he cant ID the race of the attacker
(11/3/2015 11:08:43 PM)
We need to do something about this, NOW
I understand that the Hatzolah member was not on duty at the time so it was likely he wasn't wearing the identifying jacket.
What they say in the mosque is incitement & they need to be prosecuted for it. And it would be a good idea to get recording of what they say.
(11/3/2015 11:08:49 PM)
1933 - 2008
Jews were living safely in Germany till 1933 when ,,,,,, arose to power.

Jews were living safely in America till 2008 when ,,,,,, arose to power.
(11/3/2015 11:09:30 PM)
(11/3/2015 11:09:32 PM)
pay attention
Race of perp UNKNOWN
(11/3/2015 11:10:14 PM)
A miracle
This guy from Hatzalah had the okay tokay was able to call for help b"h Hatzalah came right way and b"h his life safe , please continuance to say Tehilim for dovid shlomo Ben sterna Malka may he will have steady recovery . Moshiach now !!
(11/3/2015 11:12:39 PM)
just me
he was not wearing any hatzolo attire and no he was not on an active call I am told.
(11/3/2015 11:13:03 PM)
They beter fined the guy
(11/3/2015 11:19:07 PM)
To #3 & 6
3, You are absolutely ridiculous! Who the heck cares if he was on a call or not. That can not be tolerated.
And #6: the time to go to Israel is when Moshiach comes and takes us, until then, what's the difference in which country a person gets stabbed?!
(11/3/2015 11:20:56 PM)
to # 22
A 22 is nothing a pea shooter.While it may rhyme We should be carrying mini canons.It seems like armed security is needed by the Kinnus
(11/3/2015 11:26:18 PM)
Ethiopian airline an Israeli was attacked by a sudanese moslim who tried to kill him after noticing he was Jewish. All happening mid-air before landing. After the perpetrator was subdued, he tried convincing the fellow passengers to lynch the Jewish man and "finish the job"..we have to daven that this should stop because there is a wave of antisemitism around the world and the moslims and goyim are riding it. There are also the two videos in which Isis directly threatened yidden around the world. Moshiach must come now.
(11/3/2015 11:37:32 PM)
T0 #47
The reason they mention going to Israel is as follows. When you are in your own country where noone can tell us to get out (Israel) since we know it is our land, you can fight anti semitism and protect yourself from the enemies. It is different when in a country that is not ours, a land of goyim(Edom). Chas v' Shalom, but if needing to fight in the streets to protect oneself in Israel, noone other than the enemy will fight you. In a land of goyim that hate us, one cannot fight, the enemy, in addition to police, army and government. ( We pray this should never happen)
(11/3/2015 11:46:02 PM)
This Isn't Terrorism
I hate to break this to you all, but this isn't terrorism.

One person acting out is not an act of terror just because the victim is Jewish.

The reality is that you all live in a horrible neighborhood. Your inability to make real money due to lack of education, as demonstrated in the previous comments, ensures that you remain in a ghetto. With the ghetto comes the crime.

I'm sorry. There is no Hashem that is going to magically come down to rescue you, and attacking the entire nation of Islam by listing Mosques in the area (which all of you spelled incorrectly) is just blatant racism.

I recommend education and an economy that provides security for our community. Unfortunately, as demonstrated countless times before, there is no God that will do this for you. Praying and reading books isn't going to solve the problem.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Obama has bigger things to worry about.
(11/3/2015 11:51:46 PM)
Two things
1. Please don't jump to conclusions. As of now we have no information on whether this was a terror attack or race attack. This could have been a mugging gone bad or a deranged individual.

2. Panicking won't help anybody. Stay calm and be vigilant.
(11/3/2015 11:54:52 PM)
Security NOW!
I live in Israel & just finished a self defense/preventive class.

1. Be aware of people around you. Anyone dressed suspiciously (hoodie over head etc) hands clenched or in pocket may mean a possible attack.

2. If you see something that makes you suspicious, someone looks shifty or "off", call the police. I did last week (we have had a few stabbings & car incidents where I live.) They take everything seriously - or they should!

3. Keep against the wall of the subway. Don't stand peering for the train - someone wants to push you on the tracks, that makes you an easy target.

4. DO NOT BE ON YOUR CELL IN THE STREET! COL can wait till you get to work/Macy's or whatever. Same on the train itself - be alert.

5. If you hear running or shouting, get out of the way. Dive under a bench, behind a car, into a store - look for safety.

6. Selfie sticks & umbrellas - they worked here!

7. Get a whistle or an alarm & use it if you suspect an attack. Yelling is good if you don't have any other noise-maker.

8. Mace - get it, hold it, use it (be careful not to get it in your eyes.)

9. As you walk, be on the lookout for anything you could use as a defense weapon - I found two manageable rocks & a branch from a tree. Use them, worry later.

10. If an attack happens from the front, zig-zag as you run. If he is close enough, GO FOR HIS EYES. Use your hands if necessary (those gel nails will do the job!)

Don't rely on the police - you need to be alert at all times. This copycat attack will not be the last. Protect our Shluchim as well, they aren't use to it. The Israelis are.
(11/4/2015 12:27:23 AM)
#51 Only Hashem
Only Hashem can protect even someone as self confident
like yourself.
(11/4/2015 12:34:41 AM)
TO #51
Who is this TROLL?? What is COL even approving that comment? He/She isnt even a Yid saying those words about Hashem. " Your inability to make real money due to lack of education" and " YOU all live in a horrible neighborhood"? Who is this person? Someone from the authority who despises the Jewish neighborhood and its people? This person defending Islam terror by saying nt to attack them. We are not sure yet if it is a terror attack but its a possibility that it is a terror attack or hate crime.The timing of the attack is what makes it seem that way. Those comments by #51 raise an eyebrow and are disturbing.
(11/4/2015 1:03:21 AM)
"Police described the attacker as "a male black wearing a black hoodie and a mask."

if he had a hoodie and a mask how do we know the thugs ethnicity?
is it possible he was a dark skin Arab and is mistaken for a black
(11/4/2015 1:14:25 AM)
His name
דוד שלמה הכהן בן שטערנא מלכה
(11/4/2015 1:20:00 AM)
to number 48
You ask for armed securtity for the duration of the kinus. I have no doubt the NYPD, which is B'H very co-operative about these things, was planning to provide exactly that even before this stabbing. What I would like to see on a more ongoing basis is a greater number of policemen patrolling our streets by foot even when we're not expecting huge numbers of visitors, especially after dark.
Now that the clock has been changed our youngsters will be out a lot in the evening, usually for commendable reasons. Kids will be going to each other's homes to study; they will be attending extra - curricular school programs, or they may "stam" be taking a walk after being in a classroom all day. Adults too will need to go out. The police should be given what they need to ensure that our streets are safe for such activity. Our community can't be expected to bury itself indoors every evening while hoodlums with knives and masks roam the streets with impunity. I'll bet that if the police somehow succeed in identifying this poor excuse for humanity they'll find he has a police record from here to Mitzrayim.
(11/4/2015 1:37:25 AM)
to #51
How can you be stupid enough to think that you are less of a target or more secure by having a degree or leaving the community? How will your PhD protect you from CH"V being attacked either for being a Jew or as you well said if the attacker decides to act on his own?!
It really shows how "educated" you are as a FOOL and what type of G-d you believe in than can only protect people that waste years in college and claim to have an education and they run away from a beautiful Jewish community. You really live in your own closed-minded ghetto, get out!!
(11/4/2015 2:21:13 AM)
Another perspective
Since we can't hide in the sand, why would a sane person want to live in Crown Heights? It is expensive, it is unsafe, it is dirty, and we are still in Galus. To make your own Eretz Yisroel before the real Geualh Shleima, one should try to do the following (if one has the means to):
(a) Move to a rural, low crime area anywhere else in the USA or Canada
(b) Check that the housing prices are ,more normal than New York
(c) With the advent of the Internet, it is possible to find Shiurim of almost anything online
(d) Many kosher products can either be shipped or can be arranged to be shipped to a more populated retail point, and you can bring this once in a while
(e) Most inporatantly, try to lead as stress-free a life as possible. You and your family deserve that much
(11/4/2015 2:29:14 AM)
Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher
It'seems funny how collive still hasn't published the original comment I made on the article regarding when someone is allowed to carry a weapon on Shabbos. I laid it out, in no uncertain terms, that every Jew, everywhere on Hashem''s glorious earth, is a target at all times! And as a matter of "life and limb" must have the means at all times to defend one's self. I actually equated carrying a weapon on Shabbos to a Hatzoloh member carrying his radio and keys to the "bus" - that it is an Inyan of Pikuach Nefesh and must be done ALL OF THE TIME!!! Apparently it seems that the good Lord is not a fan of selective journalism - how both sad as it is ironic.... May he have a Refund Shelaima NOW!!!!

P.S. Had a tactical drill last night, low light assault rifle/sidearm combo..... very bad day for the silhouettes and reactive targets. "There is no such thing as enough ammo, and you can never have enough practice..."

Be well and MOSHIACH NOW!!!
(11/4/2015 4:04:26 AM)
I have the answer for all this craziness. .
ואהבת לרעך כמוך
(11/4/2015 7:09:41 AM)
actually being hatzala helped
he was able to radio for help right away
(11/4/2015 7:39:48 AM)
Why not a peep from the "community leaders" you know the ones in all the photo ops with the politicians, on this sukkah of that? Who is representing the interests of people of the Crown Heights Jewish community?
(11/4/2015 7:55:20 AM)
Now I can understand more clearly what our holy Rebbe was saying that Israel is the safest place makes you think whats going to be happening in this country
(11/4/2015 8:08:44 AM)
Please everyone make this comment go viral
They said more police on the streets. ..I walked this morning up Eastern Parkway from NY Avenue to Grand Army Plaza and back. There was NOT even 1 police officer along the whole way there and back.
I was impressed by those who went out for the morning walk and were not scared off. Back to Dinkins days. Call 311 to complain. Please make this message go viral.
(11/4/2015 8:25:01 AM)
Don't cry when you come with a knife
.... And your intended victim has a gun!!
(11/4/2015 10:01:00 AM)
where are the community leaders
The Rabbannoim are supposed to be the leaders. Appointed by Rebbe. I demand they speak up. Let them do something the way they are supposed to.
(11/4/2015 10:30:05 AM)
Hashem yishmor
Thank you 53 for sharing your tips on safety .....and.58 you are so right. One thing though alot of our teens/young adults also go around in their hoodie and hands in their pocket .They can be walking innocently and people might suspect them. Chas v sholom of being a prowler or worse.....
(11/4/2015 10:59:29 AM)
Just like Amalalek
Just like Amalalek to come from behind.
Check out for 'stab vests' that are also bulletproof; learn krav maga.....and daven....a lot.
(11/4/2015 11:03:35 AM)
#60 you are terrorized and terrorizing
That's exactly what the attacker wants yo accomplish. We are not trying to hide in the sand or run away, we are trying to build up a strong community and we did BH. We will not stop just because of some crazy people. Crown heights is a BEAUTIFUL place where people like this hatzolah member help each other, full with shiurim, activities, kids programs, good people etc. Think about it, there is a reason why housing is more expensive than other places, isn't it because indeed people want to live here that makes it expensive?
(11/4/2015 11:41:35 AM)
I don't know if this was written earlier in comments..
But one solution to things like these - I know it wont help everything, but still helps - is to INCREASE THE LIGHTING IN THE STREETS! The city should only be decent enough to put led lights in the streetlamps, and the building owners should put more on their buildings. The more visible things are, the less these perpaotrators will commit their acts!

(Special Mention to R' SB Goldstein- who has aided in some of the lamps' changing for the better).
(11/4/2015 12:15:56 PM)
School safety
I hope the neighborhood schools are taking this seriously and adding extra security measures.
(11/4/2015 12:35:36 PM)
#66 is correct
I also saw no police officer on way to subway or in subway this morning. Think they're going to actually make the effort to find the attempted murderer? And will they keep him out of society for more than a few weeks if so?
(11/4/2015 12:45:41 PM)
oy so sad to hear.
(11/4/2015 4:54:30 PM)
To comment 6
Work on your own community, instead of running away, that's what the Rebbe wants. And Israel is worse
(11/4/2015 6:20:38 PM)
Why don't we do what the rebbe told us?????
Seriously, it doesn't matter if he is homeless or not they shouldn't be doing these crazy things?!?!?!?
Let's do what the rebbe told us to protect Israel!!!!
Get up people let's protect ourselves spiritually!?!?
And yes we should carry small weapons to protect ourselves it's getting out of hand!!! This is insane!!!
(11/5/2015 8:07:38 PM)
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