Jul 13, 2015
UK Shluchim Gather for Kinus

Shluchim who direct Chabad houses and programs in the UK gathered for two days of reconnection and inspiration at their annual Kinus.

The name "Chabad-Lubavitch" has become synonymous with Chabad Houses in remote locations, helping businessmen and vacationers maintain their Yiddishkeit wherever they find themselves.

However there are also 117 families of Chabad Lubavitch Shluchim who direct Chabad houses and programs in the UK.

Last week, 84 of those Shluchim gathered for the annual Chabad Lubavitch UK Kinus Hashluchim that was held in the magnificent setting of Bosworth Hall Hotel (part of the Britannia Group) in the picturesque village of Market Bosworth, Leicestershire.

The Shluchim had barely arrived when they discovered that the decorator painting the hotel was Jewish and had never put on tefillin. An impromptu Bar Mitzvah was arranged and the decorator proudly joined the ranks of the Jewish people, making sure to tell everyone he spoke to that day about his special event.

Professional presenters at the conference included Mr. Phaivish Pink of the Torah Teachers Training Scheme who ran sessions on preventing bullying and reflective listening. All the Shluchim participated in a special series of workshops delivered by the NSPCC on the issue of child safeguarding.

Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov gave an in-depth shiur on the issur of going onto Har Habayis and Dayan Levi Yitzchok Raskin spoke about practical shaylos relating to Bris and Pidyon Haben. The Shluchim also had a chance to hear first hand about the tremendous work of the Mayanot Yeshiva in Yerusholayim from one of the Mashpiyim, Rabbi Mordechai Guth, who had flown in especially for the conference.

Spread across two days, the first evening featured the gala dinner where the MC, Rabbi Shmuli Brown, kept the evening flowing with his inimitable sense of humor. The guest speaker was Dayan Yonoson Abraham of the London Beth Din, who spoke about his long standing connection with Lubavitch. He praised the Shluchim for their unswerving dedication to the needs of every Jew wherever they may be and encouraged them to continue their avodas hakodesh.

Rabbi Zalman Lent, Rabbi of the Dublin Jewish Community and Shliach to Ireland was the key note speaker he spoke about the amazing fulfilment of the Rebbe’s lifelong vision – to have a Jewish ‘Embassy’ for Torah and Mitzvos in every corner of the globe. An embassy that not only assists when needed but actively searches for ways to help each and every person.

The dinner was interspersed with cantorial renditions by Rabbi Naphtoli Tiefenbrun.

Following the dinner the Shluchim sat down for a vibrant and uplifting Farbrengen that saw many Shluchim singing, dancing and talking until well into the early hours of the morning. It was particularly inspiring to see a large group of chassidim, some of whom had only finished farbrenging a couple of hours earlier, sitting down for a shiur chassidus given by Rabbi Yoinasson Golomb before Shachris.

The Shluchim returned home reinvigorated and ready to redouble their work in their respective areas of Shlichus.

Rabbi Yehuda Pink, Chair of the Conference Committee thanked his colleagues on the organising committee for dedicating an enormous amount of time and energy to ensure that the Conference would be a success.

Noting that this was the biggest Kinus Hashluchim ever in the UK, he said that the feedback has been extremely positive and underlined the importance of the conference as a platform for learning and growth.

Rabbi Bentzi Sudak, Chief Executive of Chabad Lubavitch UK commented, “Once again, the organizing committee under the leadership of Rabbi Yehuda Pink, put on an amazing two days of inspiration, where we were able to reconnect, share best practice, and revive in a very special atmosphere. Dayan Yonason Abraham brought a special level of inspiration for which he is well known. The continued Professional Development provided by various organizations especially the NSPCC was excellent. The conference is leading to an exciting year ahead for the entire network."

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Opinions and Comments
my old classmate Benzi Sudak & Zalman Lewis
Bentzi & Zalman keep up the good work !!!!!!
(7/13/2015 4:27:08 PM)
Glad to see mendel kalmenson presenting!
Although it didn't mention it in the article, I can see from the pics that Mendel Kalemnson spoke. He's got a lot to say and a terrific way of saying it. B"H Chabad of UK picked up a real gem,
(7/13/2015 4:47:51 PM)
Mountain Sights
Dovid Jaffe, you are simply the best! Miss you and love you...
(7/13/2015 6:11:56 PM)
Mendel Kalmenson!
Brilliant and creative- love his writing
(7/13/2015 6:48:06 PM)
To #3
Yes, Dovid Jaffe and whole Jaffe family are very special people. I have benefited from their kindness and cheer many times when in Manchester.
(7/13/2015 7:30:22 PM)
Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson
Is a legend!!
(7/13/2015 9:48:48 PM)
Who else???
But sholom liberow who is the shliach putting teffillin on this guy!!
Typical of Sholom.....a true chossid!!!
(7/14/2015 1:13:31 AM)
Shmuly Brown!!!
Shmuly, nice to hear you are keeping everybody entertained as usual!!
(7/14/2015 7:45:38 AM)
Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson
Is one of the best speakers I've heard.
And I love his book "Seeds of Wisdom".
(7/14/2015 3:33:17 PM)
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