Jun 30, 2015
Rabbi Rapp's Levaya Passes 770

Chassidim and bochurim attended the levaya of Rabbi Yekusiel Rapp, the 770 mashgiach and activist killed in a car accident.

By COLlive reporter

Residents and students mourned the sudden passing of Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp, a longtime activist and educator, during his funeral in Crown Heights on Tuesday.

The procession passed by 770 Eastern Parkway where the 66-year-old rabbi served as a mashgiach for decades, guiding generation of bochurim at the Central Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch Yeshiva.

Rabbi Rapp, a Torah scholar who was also a matchmaker, was struck by a livery cab driver while crossing the street near his home, on the corner of Empire Boulevard and Balfour Place at 5:35 pm on Monday.

He was taken to Kings County Hospital in cardiac arrest and passed away on arrival, according to police and fire officials. The driver for Bedstar Car Services remained at the scene, DNA info reported. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing, according to the NYPD.

His sudden passing shocked many members of the Lubavitch community in New York and Israel, where he was born and took an active role in advocating for the safety and security of the land and its Jewish people.

Rabbi Rapp is survived by his wife Fayge Rapp and children Chaya Mushka Moskowitz, Chanie Rapp, Yossi Rapp and Shneur Zalman Rapp.

The family will be sitting Shiva at their home - 7 Balfour Pl. #E2 Brooklyn.
Shachris-1 minyan at 9 o'clock, and second at 10 o'clock.
Mincha-minyan 1 at 730 minyan 2 at 8.

Visiting hours from 10-2, and 5 until 930.

A fund has been set up to support the family on gofundme.com. Memories can be sent to rabbirappstories@gmail.com.

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baruch dayn emes
sooo sad!!!!!!!!!
ad mosei!!!!!!!!
MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(6/30/2015 5:29:53 PM)
No words
I hope and pray with my heart filled with sadness, that this is the darkness before the redemption- The Giula. Ad Mosi.
(6/30/2015 5:31:01 PM)
Efraim Rivkin
so sad! Hashem Hoshiah!
(6/30/2015 5:47:20 PM)
what's going on??????
We can't handle this anymore!!!!!!!
(6/30/2015 5:57:31 PM)
Ad Mosi
(6/30/2015 6:53:10 PM)
My chaver Reb Kuty
My heart goes out to his family. Reb Kuty and I go back to the 60s.he was a remarkable masmid, who came to Kfar Chabad
to learn Chassidus.he was gentle sweet determined and a true spiritual seeker. He gravitated to Mivtza Tefillin almost from the onset. His chush in the value of a Yid hence the mivtzoim, was like a venerable Chossid despite his youth. Had he remained in Kol Torah he undoubtedly would be a Rav or Rosh Yeshiva.
However we and the world would have become the poorer if this had been his choice. Tzaar li olecho achy verayi Kuty . Mi yochal laamod bimekomcho?
(6/30/2015 7:07:52 PM)
Incomprehensible darkness. I wish so much goodness and kindness for Mrs Rapp and their children and Moshiach now!!!!.
M. Edery
(6/30/2015 7:07:59 PM)
A realy special person
He spoke to all - each on his own level.
We must continue his shlamas haaretz projects.
(6/30/2015 7:13:49 PM)
Love the picture of menachem gerlitzky wrapping tefillin in honor of rabbi (w)rapp obm.
(6/30/2015 9:50:43 PM)
Moshiach Must Come
Let's " remind" Hashem that the purpose of creation is to make Him a dwelling place here down BELOW! The plan is Down Here, so please Hashem, don't take your beautiful kinderlach upstairs to you! Moshiach Now , along with Techiyas Hameisim, when ALL the Neshomos from up on high will return to this "Dira Batachtonim"V'hakitzu V'ranenu Shochnei Afar V'hu Imah".
(6/30/2015 11:05:47 PM)
He was such a true person -- I will miss him
I recall his humility in various occasions in the way he spoke to people who did not agree with him. He really respected everyone in a true fashion that is rear now a days.

To the family,
May G-d grant you comfort and capacity to deal with this unbearable tragedy.
(6/30/2015 11:15:30 PM)
ad mosai??????????????????
why are there Yidden in pain??????????????????
May it be good btov hanireh vhanigleh
(6/30/2015 11:53:05 PM)
Reb kutti rap obm
its impossible to describe rabbi kuti rapp, a gaint of a man bal midot tovot .hahavat israel to every jew was in first priority,very capable smart a lamdan ,did so much pehulot,and every thing so quite in such hanavah,care so much to the rabbi hinyanim,special about shleimus a haretz,had a lot of conection ,very special and a zadik hayid ,mashpiha in yeshiva tomchei tmimim,and loved by every one ,please rabbi rapp you now very close to the rabbi beg the rabbi to brin g moshiach right now ,
(7/1/2015 12:13:21 AM)
Pereck echad of Rambam today talks about rousing to tshuvah when troubles like this come to our people. We should all cry our to HaShem and seek to fix our lives however they are out of order. And receive the face of Moshiach Tzidkenu
(7/1/2015 12:50:49 AM)
Go Fund Me Account
there is a go fund me account set up. here is the link:
Please donate generously!!!
(7/1/2015 2:36:35 AM)
How can we help???
There is any campain of helping the family? Please someone come up with ideas.
(7/1/2015 8:58:15 AM)
Please send these stories to rabbirappstories@gmail.com
If you have any short stories or encounters of Rabbi Rapp, please send it to rabbirappstories@gmail
Hebrew, English, Yiddish or any language!
Thank you!
(7/1/2015 11:49:00 AM)
Zalmy Schapiro
wow that is so sad he was a great person
(7/1/2015 4:57:55 PM)
Baruj Daian a emet
From Argentina
(7/5/2015 1:21:36 PM)
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