Nichum Aveilim
- Mrs Miriam Klein is sitting Shiva until Tuesday the 16th after the passing of her dear sister, at the home of her daughter
Sarah Keret
770 Lefferts Avenue Apt. A1R
Hours to be Menachem Avel
10am until 7pm
Motzei Shabbos until 7:30
- Rabbi Boruch Klar is sitting Shiva (until Tuesday) for his mother Betty Klar

664 Eagle Rock Ave.
West Orange, New Jersey

Shacharis 6:50
Monday/Thursday 6:35

Mincha/Maariv 4:30
- Shivah for Israel Plotnick is at the Lieblich home 821 Montgomery St.
Brooklyn NY 11213
Until Tuesday night


Found a silver chain and silver letter charm necklace on Kingston near Union Street on Sunday evening January 14. Call if you are looking for it and leave a message.
(347) 528-8400

I lost my Sidur in 770 about 3 weeks ago. Is a medium size, dusty rose, in the cover says in gold

Please to contact the phone number is +1 3474142222

lost my iPhone s 5 on Bedford Ave between Ave k and Ave l in Flatbush brooklyn this past Sunday morning at 9am and I found out some one has it since then if anyonehas it please contact the hasc residence at 718 363 3750 or 51 right away
So I can have it back ASAP thanks I really appreciate it


I lost my iPhone 7 today 1/16 in Crown Heights. If you find it please contact me. 917-200-7982


If you lost a bracelet that was inside a small box please text me.
Reading glasses found Wednesday night in Nemes Hall after Behrman shloshim gathering. Please call 347 821 7172 and leave a message.
Lost 5 mezuzahs in a Ziploc bag last week Thursday in the snow
lost on Tuesday Jan 9
navy baby boy's winter jacket - in Crown Heights
call 347-834-9883 leave message
or 818-268-1035

Did anyone show you a tefillin bag that was found with the following names on it? initials: yud, shin bais yechezkel sholom ber. it was initially taken by mistake and was in a carry on at JFK. The owner, who is the nephew of the Bobover Rov hopes it was shown to a Chabad Chassid for identification because one pair was Rabbeinu Tam.
if seen, please email or call 718 436 3145

I lost a pair of mens blue suit pants on Kingston ave
Any info is greatly appreciated
347 406 4989
Found bank card on Kingston Avenue on Sunday 1/7/18. If you lost it, call Shmuel at 718-687-8596 and provide information on it.
Lost a black leather glove this evening January 1st in the vicinity of Carroll and Kingston if youve found it please contact me to return it.
I lost a pair of Tory Burch sunglasses on Sunday, December 24. 646 591 7773
found money on chanukah in crown heights if its yours please call or text (no voicemail) 1-347-834-2014

Lost a black 'North Face' down coat size XL in 770 last Shabbos (parshas vayigash), please call or text 347-401-3525 if found or mistakingly exchanged. Offering $100 reward!

Did anyone leave a black RINASCIMENTO woman\'s medium coat about a month ago It has a frilly flowery black collar. Contact Flash 718-604-0500.

May 31, 2015
New Engagement

Avremi Scheinfeld - Crown Heights to Mushka Hecht - Crown Heights
L'Chaim: Weds. Night at Bais Rivkah 310 Crown St.

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