Jan 15, 2014
New Effort to Understand Kosher

A new partnership between a women's organization in Crown Heights and a kashrus agency aims to educate the public.

Crown Heights Junior N'shei and the OK Kosher are pleased to announce their partnership to benefit the Crown Heights community. The partnership will result in additional programs and workshops on various topics relating to kashrus.

Current information about the ever-changing field of kashrus is sorely lacking, and Junior N'shei organizers are confident that this partnership will help fill the void. They've certainly got the right audience. Junior N'shei events are open to all women on the Crown Heights community, and who better to educate on the vast field of kashrus?

Traditionally, women have always had the important responsibility of making and serving kosher food, and in today's modern world, the need to understand current issues of kashrus is greater than ever.

The production and manufacturing of kosher food is always changing, not to mention the explosion in the food industry of various hechsherim and kosher-certified products.

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, Director of Public Relations relates, "The OK has always been at the forefront of kosher certification and consumer education. Our passion lies in educating the Jewish homemaker and enhancing the observance of kashrus in every Jewish home. Our new partnership with Junior N’Shei provides a unique outlet to continue our unique mission – from the products you buy to food preparation at home, everything you serve should be “Kosher Without Compromise”.

Junior N'Shei co-ordinators are excited about this new endeavor. "We feel privileged to be the catalyst for educating and empowering the women of Crown Heights," they said. "As the Rebbe often requested, women need to become proficient in the halachos that pertain to them. Kashrus is our domain, and through this partnership with the OK, we can fulfill the Rebbe's request."

For more information about upcoming events, email chjuniornshei@gmail.com or like Junior N'Shei on facebook, www.facebook.com/CHJuniorNshei

To volunteer, please call Malka Michla Perlow at (646) 464-2011 or Miriam Lagziel at (917) 232-4504

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Opinions and Comments
Yasher Koach!

Junior N'Shei has amazing programs!
(1/15/2014 9:59:27 AM)
Miriam L is the best!
(1/15/2014 10:38:48 AM)
Thank you
This year Jr Neshei has really upped their game! I come to every event now!
(1/15/2014 12:13:43 PM)
so appropriate
I know I would attend iyH
(1/15/2014 1:54:22 PM)
something about checking dry fruits ??
For Tu Bishvat
(1/15/2014 2:27:04 PM)
Thank you
We really need this
(1/15/2014 3:12:50 PM)
Can you have it live?
For those of us that cant make it in person...
Thank you!
(1/15/2014 9:19:01 PM)
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