Jul 7, 2013
200 Years, 10 Nigunim in Colorado

A program in Colorado Springs highlighted 10 nigunim of the Alter Rebbe with explanations by the Frierdiker Rebbe.

Chabad of Southern Colorado, based in scenic Colorado Springs, held its annual Gimmel Tammuz event, attended by some fifty people.

The highlight of the program was the presentation and musical performance of all the ten Nigunim of the Alter Rebbe coinciding with it being 200 years since the Alter Rebbe's passing.

Local members introduced the Nigunim, explaining the background of each song gleaned from the sichos of the Freidiker Rebbe.

A delicious meat and wine gourmet buffet was prepared by Shlucha Zeldy Liberow.

The Guest Speaker Rabbi Yisroel Engel of Denver kept the crowd mesmerized as he wove through many episodes and stories that highlight the special bond that we all have with the Nossi Hador the Rebbe.

Rabbi Engel, who spoke for close to an hour, encouraged all to leave with a practical hachlata in their daily level of observance of Yiddishkeit.

Shliach Rabbi Moshe Liberow shared with the crowd the special importance and opportunity we all have to forge our bond through writing to the Rebbe and sending them to be read at the Ohel.

A special thanks to all those that sponsored the event.

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Opinions and Comments
Rabbi lieberow is beyond amazing
(7/7/2013 7:14:00 PM)
Colorodo is a special place thanks to the Buitfuel Shluchim rabbi & mrs Liberow & the special Jewish comunity in Colorodo very inspiring to see I wish all of you the best & hope to see everyone one very soon with the coming of moshiach now :) !!!!
(7/7/2013 8:08:46 PM)
kol Hakavod Rabbi Liberow!
May your uplifting peulos continue to grow meichayil el choyil!!!! Beautiful to see...
(7/7/2013 10:35:38 PM)
Reb Moishe Liberov and his wifeare such great shluchim'
"yeilchu m'chayil el choyil"
(7/8/2013 10:01:52 PM)
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