Jun 9, 2013
Soup Kitchen Supporters Thanked

200 supporters joined for the annual FREE of Sydney, Australia Gala Dinner, marking one year of the successful Soup Kitchen.

Close to 200 supporters joined for the annual FREE of Sydney, Australia Gala Dinner 2013.

The dinner celebrated one year of FSK (FREE Soup Kitchen), launched in June of 2012, a project which has blossomed very quickly.

This year was different from the past as most of the participants were young adults from the Russian community in Sydney.

One year ago, almost to the day, a group of young adults got together and decided that the time has come for a dramatic change in the way the youth of our society view the idea of giving.

Encouraging and motivating today’s sound-bite wise and witty youth was no simple task, but the FREE soup kitchen was created and designed as a modern front and rebrand for the good old Mitzva of Tzedaka - charity.

Rabbi Eli Schlanger, director of FREE Soup Kitchen, related a moving story of Divine Providence which occurred with the volunteers:

"On one of our visits to the inner city housing commission, we met Hirsh, a 97 year old man who lived alone in a tiny unit. The elderly man was hard of hearing and had difficulty understanding what we wanted from him. After I asked him to speak with me in yiddish his tone quickly changed and he welcomed us in.

"During our visit we spoke about his life in Russia and of his family that perished in the holocaust. Hirsh put on teffilin for the first time in decades, perhaps the first time since his bar mitzva, and with tears in his eyes he sang the old yiddish song of Oifin Pripechik.

"As our visit came to an end, Hirsh could not stop thanking us for bringing him back to his pure and youthful days - from the shtettle.

"A few weeks went by and by pure Divine Providence we found ourselves handing out soup in the very same spot. As we approached Hirshel's unit we were saddened by the sight of a removal company removing his last household items.

“I believe that the timing of Hirshel's passing was no coincidence, rather, after years of pain and suffering he was waiting to do that last mitzvah of putting on teffilin and making a blessing over the delicious soup we had together. Only then was he at peace with his completed mission in this world," said Rabbi Schlanger.

Inspired by this story, more than 15 young members of the community became a solid unit of volunteers who now email and text daily with fresh ideas and strategies to perfect their special project, the FREE soup kitchen.

"FSK takes the responsibility to find and hunt out those in need," explained Schlanger. "We will not wait for them to come to us - If there is someone out there hungry for physical or spiritual soup, we will make it our life mission to find them."

An inspiring video of the work of FSK was shown to the crowd with Reb Hirshel at the end singing oifen priperchik.

Gabrielle Upton, Member of the NSW Legislative Assembly for Vaucluse, and Parliamentary Secretary for Tertiary Education and Skills presented a check to FREE for a grant of $45,000 to strengthen and beautify the structure of the community centre and synagogue.

Rabbi Ulman thanked Gabrielle for this wonderful grant which means so much to the community.

Rabbi Ulman said, “It is so heartwarming that the children of those who helped my wife and I to establish FREE 27 years ago are now practising their
parents’ values of selflessness and commitment to the work of the
community as well as to those that are less fortunate within it.”

Performer Ben Goldstein was the surprise guest entertainer, who recently became extremely well known from his debut on The Voice TV program of Australia. Ben sang three songs and was applauded by the crowd.

A special thank you to a few of the many volunteers and staff at FSK - Eli Rice, Shmully Ulman, Tanya Keyser, Milli Shegan and Stephanie Knafelman.

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Opinions and Comments
F.R.E.E. is one of those organizations that continues to bring honor to its founder: the Rebbe.
(6/9/2013 2:04:00 PM)
were is he??
Congratulations!!!!! Were is mendy ulman?
(6/9/2013 2:09:14 PM)
greatest community EVR!!!
Go ulmans and the 2 Elis!!!!!!!keep inspiring us

Biggest Fans from the states
(6/9/2013 2:11:28 PM)
Shliach AZ
Mazal Tov Rabbi Ulman. Classy as always
(6/9/2013 2:38:39 PM)
מחשובי חיילי המלך
הרב הגאון אדיר השליח התמים מוהר״ר יהורם
משלוחי הראשי עוסק בצרכי הרבים בכל קצבי עולם

שהקדב״ה יאריך ימים על ממלכתו הקודש
באריכת ימים ושנים טובות ומבורכת בכל בגו״ר

הלוואי ממנו יראו וכן יעשו, ממ״ש דוגמא חיה של חסיד ,שליח, עסקן וכו׳

ידדך חבר ספסל חסידות 770
(6/9/2013 3:15:41 PM)
Keep up the great work: F.R.E.E. of Sydney & F.R.E.E. of Melbourne!

Tzvi Z.
(6/9/2013 3:54:53 PM)
Rabbi Ulman
soup kitchen smoup kitchen there is nothing like your dayanus program.
(6/9/2013 4:53:46 PM)
Shmuli Ulman
Very humbling indeed!
(6/9/2013 6:24:55 PM)
Rabbi Ulman -worlds best kept secret
Some times the most valuable of rabonim and poisekim
Are unknown, Rabbi Ulman is. Gadol and poisekim hador
He had helped countless of Shluchim world wide with the most complicated shallos where other rabonim either don't know or can't handle,

He never stops answering calls 24/6 and almost all the time without any renumeration .

The world should salute such a gadol and bless him for producing some great dayonim, I.e. rav mendy Cohen, rav Yoseif Marlow, and many more.

His dayonus program is with the most integrity and respect by many current gedolim.

May hashem bless his leadership with his wonderfull rebitzin.

(6/9/2013 6:27:07 PM)
Honouring the Rebbe
Beautiful to see the youth of Sydney's Russian Jewish community honouring the Rebbe with pure Ahavas Yisroel.
(6/9/2013 9:10:09 PM)
To comment 5 and 9 -
It's a understatement I agree with both of you
He is a amazing resource that remains untapped
And unrealized.

He is approachable and understands the current generation
And it's issues, there aren't any issues that he can't handle
Many CH balei batim call him because he can relate

Yesher koiach Reb Yoram !
Keep it up
(6/9/2013 10:31:17 PM)
Go Reb Yoram
Reb Yoram and Rebutzin Sheterie
The best of the best
(6/9/2013 10:32:24 PM)
Rabbi Ulman shlitah
You had made me who I am
Your live and lchayim are legendary
(6/9/2013 10:33:18 PM)
Rebitzin Shternie shtalita
Behind every good rabbi is a great rebitzin
Your calm and happy hachosis orchim and hospitality
Is second to none,

You are a Shilucha par exelance
You truly exemplified a true soldier of the rebbe

May you be blessed with all
(6/9/2013 10:38:04 PM)
Keep up the good work
(6/9/2013 10:52:46 PM)
מה זרעו בחיים אף הוא בחיים
בזכות עבודת השליחות של הרב אולמן ואשתו
נעשה עליה גדולה לנשמת המחנך המפורסם
הרב החסיד התמים הר׳ ר יוסף בן משה יהודה ע״ה
הקיצו ורעננו שכני עפר וכו׳
(6/10/2013 2:43:06 AM)
Looks awesome
(6/10/2013 4:47:11 AM)
We love u Ulman family!
Agbag 1342
(6/10/2013 11:33:14 AM)
:) nice 2 c u!!
who do i see?!?!?!?!?! my fave cuzzys from aussie!!!!!
(6/11/2013 9:16:29 PM)
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