Jun 7, 2013
Chabad Dinner Honors College

A Chabad dinner in New Jersey honored the Raritan Valley Community College president Dr. Casey Crabill. An actor and a singer entertained.

On Wednesday, May 29th, Chabad of Hunterdon County, directed by Rabbi Eli and Rochel Kornfeld, celebrated its 10th Anniversary Dinner Banquet at the Grand Colonial in Perryville, NJ

It was a special event with many community, business as well as civic leaders joining the over two hundred and thirty people in attendance.

The evening's honorees were Raritan Valley Community College president Dr. Casey Crabill and the College Board of Trustees. Dr. Crabill praised Chabad for its positive impact on the community and for its mission of offering hope and a brighter future for all people who live and work in Hunterdon County.

"I am grateful for the recognition but even more the friendship and partnership between RVCC and Chabad of Hunterdon County. It has been gratifying working with Chabad in our mutual efforts to create a most healthy, prosperous and culturally aware community possible," said Dr. Crabill.

Proceeds from the Dinner will fund Chabad of Hunterdon’s growing number of programs servicing the Hunterdon County area.

Following the cocktail hour everyone was treated to a special video presentation highlighting the achievements Chabad has accomplished during its first ten years as well as its vision of building a permanent home.

Rabbi Moshe Herson Dean of the Rabbinical College of America offered prayers and words of inspiration in honor of Chabad’s 10 Year Anniversary; “Ten is a number that indicates stability” said rabbi Herson.

The event also featured many who shared their personal experiences with Chabad including 11-year-old Naomi Benenson. Naomi was chosen to play 'Clara" in the Radio City Holiday Spectacular in New York City this past season.

Naomi spoke about how Chabad provided her with a rich and deep appreciation for her Jewish heritage and how proud she was to light the menorah on the set of at Radio City Music Hall.

Robert Wise, CEO of Hunterdon Healthcare, introduced Dr. Crabill and lauded her accomplishments as an effective leader of RVCC during her eight year tenure; he also spoke about his warm friendship with Chabad and the importance of interorganizational cooperation.

The night concluded with special musical pieces by singer Yoel Sharabi and actor Joe Piscopo.

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