Feb 12, 2013
Silver Spring Holds Gala Dinner

Friends and supporters joined Chabad of Silver Spring, MD for their Gala Dinner Event. Singer Benny Friedman entertained.

By COLlive reporter

Friends and supporters gathered on Wednesday, February 6, for the Chabad of Silver Spring, Maryland, Evening of Appreciation - Gala Dinner event.

The event paid tribute to the work of Shluchim Berel and Chaya Wolvovsky, who direct the Chabad Center of Silver Spring along with Camp Gan Israel, Hebrew School, and many other programs.

Held at the Silver Spring Civic Building, the event honored David and Caren Grossman and Gabriel and Sara Solomon.

Guests enjoyed entertainment by singer Benny Friedman accompanied by musician Choni Milecki.

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Opinions and Comments
gorgeous dinner!
(2/12/2013 12:37:36 PM)
I have seen many shluchim in my day
Never have i seen such amazing shluchim like berel and chaya.
two of the best people i have ever met.
and turning over their city at the same time
(2/12/2013 12:39:30 PM)
amazing singer
benny friedman rock' the boat silver spring chabad you pic'd the best
(2/12/2013 2:23:16 PM)
I spy the most awesome smile in the world!!!!
Zalman Friedman
(2/12/2013 3:03:59 PM)
counsellor in gan izzy
these shluchim are incredible!
may they go from strength to strength!
(2/12/2013 5:32:03 PM)
silver spring
amazing shluchim and camp!
(2/12/2013 6:16:32 PM)
Go Berel The greatest Wolwosky of All!
Sweet personality.
(2/12/2013 10:01:42 PM)
And I think
And I think that benny friedman rocks the house!
(2/12/2013 10:18:29 PM)
Benny was great
He sang Shir Shel Shalom.
My favorite song!!
(2/12/2013 10:49:56 PM)
beautiful event
Fabulous evening! Everything was elegant and Benny Friedman was wonderful! Go Berel and Chaya.
(2/12/2013 11:23:27 PM)
benny was AWESOME!!
Just so absolutely pleasant all throughout yet, nonetheless, rock the house fun when it came to it!
Will always be a huge fan. Go get em Benny! Love the hat! :D
(2/12/2013 11:26:32 PM)
Mazall tov to the Shluchim
Benny is terrific!
(2/12/2013 11:33:10 PM)
Rabbi Chezzy
Best shliach, taking after his brother
(2/13/2013 8:42:40 AM)
A real Mentch
Benny is still a really nice guy. Hasn't let the success go to his head!
(2/13/2013 9:28:49 AM)
Go Levi!!!!!
Haha lol :P

(2/13/2013 1:06:59 PM)
Maryland Shliach!
Rabbi Levi Raskin!
Good to see you!
May you go mechayil lechoyil and grow in all your endeavours!
(2/14/2013 12:00:40 AM)
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