Feb 11, 2013
Unity Siyum Rambam in Boston

Over 50 anash and Shluchim gathered in Boston for a Siyum Harambam and farbrengen with Shliach Yossi Lew of Peachtree City, Georgia.

In a true sign of achdus, more than 50 people, including 16 Shluchim and many anash gathered in Boston to celebrate the Siyum Horambam this past Sunday night.

Gathered at the New England Hebrew Academy Lubavitz Yeshiva, the group heard from special guest speaker Rabbi Yossi Lew, Shliach in Peachtree City, Georgia.

The event was arranged by Rabbi Moshe Bleich of the Wellesley Weston Chabad and featured MC Rabbi Yaakov Ciment. Rabbi Moshe Lieberman, Chabad of Newton, made the Siyum, in which he discussed the role of Halacha in the time of Moshiach. Rabbi Mendel Gurkow, Chabad of Stoughton, made the Hascholoh, in which he discussed the concept of "knowing" Hashem.

Rabbi Lew than continued to Farbreng until 3 AM, when he had to leave for the airport. Rabbi Lew touched upon the importance the Rebbe set for the daily study of the Rambam, and how one has the opportunity to study something each and every day according to the Rebbe's call and wish. Rabbi Lew elaborated upon the privilege and opportunity to be connected to the Rebbe and bring his message to the world. Rabbi Lew held the people spellbound while sharing many personal and communal stories and anecdotes enforcing his message.

Among those who attended were many Shluchim of the Rebbe to different cities in MA, including Rabbi Ilan Myers - Brighton, Rabbi Dovid Bush, Rabbi Yaakov Ciment, Rabbi Mendy Nagel and Rabbi Shmuly Posner of Brookline, Rabbi Shmuly Bronstein of Hinghim, Rabbi Yossi Kivman of Mansfield, Rabbi Mendy Kivman of Milford, Rabbi Levi Fogelman of Natick, Rabbi Mendy Krinsky of Needham, Rabbi Moshe Lieberman of Newton, Rabbi Nechemia Shusterman of Peabody, Rabbi Tzvi Backman of Sommerville, Rabbi Mendel Gurkov of Stoughton, Rabbi Yisroel Freeman of Sudbury and Rabbi Moshe Bleich of Wellesley.

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Opinions and Comments
(2/11/2013 10:03:46 PM)
rabbi lew!
he is amazing, thanks for giving people the clarification they need!!
(2/11/2013 10:11:01 PM)
Thats my school!!!!!!!
(2/11/2013 10:12:15 PM)
Bro in Law
Wheres Shmaya?
(2/11/2013 10:33:51 PM)
thats my school 2
well it was my school back inthe '90's
(2/11/2013 10:36:06 PM)
MA rox!!!
go neha!
luv the way the lunchroom is decorated
miss ya tunz high school
when u read this think of me
(2/11/2013 10:57:35 PM)
Hasn't changed
SAME chairs and same walls since -1974. Nice to see.
An old Bostonian with good memories. Thank you Mrs. Ciment!
(2/11/2013 11:08:37 PM)
go chabad of peachtree city!
Rabbi Lew rocks!!
(2/11/2013 11:52:59 PM)
Morristown fan
Moshe Bleich, you're looking better than ever!
(2/12/2013 5:10:06 AM)
True achdus!
Looking at the list of the Shluchim who attended, this is certainly something that is bringing the Rebbe much nachas!
(2/12/2013 9:46:11 AM)
True and legendary
(2/12/2013 10:11:02 AM)
I was in Boston, I wish I knew about this.
(2/12/2013 10:58:10 AM)
Rabbi Yossi Lew is second to the best
His father, Reb Shmuel is the BEST!
(2/12/2013 10:58:55 AM)
Rabbi Lew is a true example
Rabbi Lew is a true example and model of a menstch and a chossid, who selflessly dedicates himself to others, regardless of background, with unparalleled mesirus nefesh. May Hashem bring him success, in all his ways, materially and spiritually, and may he continue to inspire multitudes, in quantity and quality!
(2/12/2013 2:45:54 PM)
neha is oficially th best school ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and btw #6 i think that those chairs and walls will be the same firrever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:
(2/12/2013 5:50:22 PM)
Neha is the best school ever!! any1 looking for a place 4 high school... this is the one!!
(2/12/2013 5:57:34 PM)
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