Feb 9, 2013
Rabbi Chaim Zev Bomzer, 84, OBM

Rabbi Chaim Zev - Herbert Bomzer, a leading figure in the American Jewish community and expert on halachic conversion with the approval of the Rebbe, passed away Erev Shabbos.

By COLlive reporter

Rabbi Chaim Zev - Herbert Bomzer, a leading figure in the American Jewish community and long-standing member of the Rabbinical Council of America, passed away on Erev Shabbos.

He was 84.

Rabbi Bomzer is widely recognized for his expertise and erudition in Halacha (Jewish Law), having received smicha from Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein.

A recognized expert in Orthodox conversion to Judaism, Rabbi Bomzer was given approval to conduct conversion administration from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, along with Rav Dvorkin, the Kaizmarker Rav, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, and Rabbi Aaron Soloveitchik. He has been presiding over conversions for more than forty years.

Rabbi Bomzer was the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway for 40 years, and as Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, he taught Talmud to over 3,000 students for over 50 years. He also served as a chaplain for the New York City Department of Corrections at Rikers Island.

The levaya will take place tomorrow, Sunday at 1:30 pm, Riverside funeral home, Hewlett, Long Island, 1450 Broadway.

Baruch Dayan Haemes.

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So sorry to hear.
(2/9/2013 7:04:17 PM)
(2/9/2013 7:42:09 PM)
As a former student, i can attest that he was a brilliant man. He had a wonderful personality, great sense of humor.; a Talmid Chacham and a great teacher.
(2/9/2013 7:57:48 PM)
A really sad day
(2/9/2013 8:32:12 PM)
Baruch Dayan Haemes
(2/9/2013 8:38:53 PM)
My Encounter interview
I recognize that picture from a My Encounter video!
(2/9/2013 8:41:12 PM)
BDE what a wonderful Talmid Chochem.
(2/9/2013 9:32:01 PM)
what really impressed me
He 'feifed un der gantzer velt'. He would host Rabbi Meir Kahane and after his passing would hold an annual memorial for Reb Meir Kahane. VERY unpopular and politically incorrect but he had principles. Not fear.

Also, a very warm relationship with Rebbe/Chabad.
(2/9/2013 10:27:06 PM)
great teacher
I really enjoyed his classes at YU. Very friendly and special rabbi. He really made the students feel welcome.
(2/10/2013 1:05:11 AM)
Rabbi Bomzer was a frequent participant in the Rebbe's farbrengens. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה
(2/10/2013 4:33:42 AM)
I remember participating in R' Meir Kahana's levaya, held at Young Israel of Ocean Parkway, where Rabbi Bomzer was then Rabbi.
Just the fact that he was close to both the Rebbe, and R' Meir Kahana, attests to this great man's Geon Yaakov.
Never Again! Moshiach NOW!
(2/10/2013 10:05:47 AM)
nichum availim by email..
Condolences, from the Chanowitzs , of Montreal
(formerly of Albany)
"vehachai yiten el libo, ",

Best Wishes, to the whole Mishpocho,
besuros tovos!
(2/10/2013 5:17:33 PM)
והבאת שלום שבין אדם לחברו...ותלמוד תורה כנגג כלם
Rabbi Bomzer was a Rov who encompassed and indeed excelled in both qualities. He stood by those whom he admired even if they were out of favor (at that time) with the 'so-called' establishment. He was a Talmid Chochom
שדן דין אמת לאמתו and not just שעה אחת.

Many Shluchim turned to him with complicated situations and always found a friend who was willing to help where most others would kindly excuse themselves (or make excuses) as they tactfully exited from the difficult halachic dilemma being set before them. He was a true friend (partner - חבר) of Chabad who extended himself beyond the call of duty.
(2/10/2013 5:40:05 PM)
As a former student @ BTA I can tell you how brilliant a person he was. He made sure R Meir Kahane zl would give his yearly "State of Israel" address to the student body and made sure that we as Jews held our head high and be proud that we are Jews. BDE ......RIP Rabbi!
(2/10/2013 6:22:06 PM)
rabbi bomzer
whenever and wherever he spoke his warmth and integrity marked him as atandard bearer that inspired by example. cl
(2/10/2013 7:11:20 PM)
a teacher to many...
a mensch....personified....
(2/10/2013 10:02:21 PM)
Rabbi's death
I never knew him but am a co-worker of his grand-daughter rachel stern and found this article fascinating bout who he was.
(2/11/2013 2:25:00 AM)
Baruch Dayan Emet
R' Bomzer was a mumcheh in conversion, just as Rabbi Marc Angel is nowadays. Sadly, rabbonim of their stature were victims of a politicized establishment in which those not part of the Haredi right became disenfranchised from giyur. In 2008, after the RCA signed onto dranconian conversion "standards," R' Bomzer's conversions were deemed inadequate and worthless. His own Vaad haRabbonim in Flatbush was excoriated by other groups because it was home to YU/Modern Orthodox rabbonim, as yet another part of this politicized power grab by forces on the right. He loved gerim with a sincerity that few others have, making him like Hillel in our generation. Sadly, there are few others living who have the same approach to conversion and to welcoming the ger. My heart bleeds for those seeking conversion nowadays. All you have to do is read he reports coming from Israel- converts who worked with R' Bomzer, R' Angel, R' Haskel Lookstein, etc. are rejected and denied aliyah routinely. HaShem Yerachem.
(2/11/2013 11:33:15 AM)
Tzafra Tavra
He would always greet us boys at BTA with Tzafra Tavra..the talmudic "good morning" greeting. For years I have offered this greeting as my homage to Rabbi Bomzer. I was too young to appreciate his erudition, but clearly understood his humanity and it remains with me today.
(3/21/2013 11:05:30 AM)
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