Jan 26, 2013
Damaged Tree Turned to Art

Shliach and artist Yitzchok Moully took a tree damaged by Hurricane Sandy and turned it into a Tu Bishvat centerpiece.

By Linda Sadlouskos, baskingridge.Patch.com

The Chabad Jewish Center in Basking Ridge is inviting visitors to this Sunday celebrate Tu B'Shvat, the New Year for Trees, which will include an art installation made from a tree felled by Hurricane Sandy, at Back to Nature Home & Garden center off Valley Road in Basking Ridge.

Tu B'Shvat marks the beginning of the new growth of trees and vegetation following the winter hibernation in Israel, as well as a time for personal growth, said Rabbi Yitzchok Moully from Chabad.

Moully said he found a stump from a tree destroyed by Sandy last fall and is presenting it as a piece of art inspired by the concept of regrowth from Tu B'Shvat.

"In the face of the destruction of Hurricane Sandy can there be is there an opportunity for our rebirth and regrowth?" Moully asked in announcing the event. He said the holiday of Tu B'Shvat "tells us there is always a chance for a new beginning."

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Fellow Artist!
GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
(1/26/2013 1:26:05 PM)
Very creative idea:)
(1/26/2013 3:29:02 PM)
Brilliant idea!
(1/27/2013 5:11:49 PM)
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