Jan 20, 2013
Yud Shvat Global Webcast

TheYeshiva.net and COLlive present a global Yud Shevat webcast with Rabbis YY Jacobson, Levi Garelik, Ruvi Wolf and Yossi Paltiel will farbreng. Resumes Monday 8:00 AM.

Marking the 63rd yartzeit of the Rebbe Rayatz and the day the Rebbe assumed Chabad leadership, TheYeshiva.net and COLLive will host four webcasts throughout the nights and day of Yud Shevat, for children and adults.

Rabbis YY Jacobson, Levi Garelik, Ruvi Wolf and Yossi Paltiel will farbreng.

Full schedule of the Yud Shevat Webcast:
Sunday Evening, 9 Shevat, January 20th
6:30 PM EST
Special Children’s Program: The Rebbe Spends Shabbos in a Bar
Rabbi YY Jacobson presents two stories to children coupled with melodies.

8:30 PM EST
Two Hour Farbrengen with Rabbi YY Jacobson
Talk 1: Why we need G-d in our schools

Talk 2: Are we inherently bad or good?

Talk 3: How to educate children

Talk 4: 30 penetrating one-liners by the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Talk 5: What the Rebbe told President Shazar about his belief in Moshiach


Monday, Yud Shevat, January 21st
8:00 AM EST

The Ultimate Man of Faith: How One Jew Took On an Empire
By Rabbi Reuven Wolf, founder Maayon Yisroel in Los Angeles, CA.

8:30 PM EST
An Artist, a Lion and a Rebbe: How One Man Reinvented Himself Again & Again To Serve His People
By Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, Mashpia Chovevei Torah

9:30 PM EST
Why Did the Lubavitcher Rebbe Move to Bustling New York? Stories & Anecdotes about the Relationship between the Rebbe Rayatz & the Rebbe
By Rabbi Levi Garelik, Posek and Author

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Opinions and Comments
so spiritall thanks a bunch
(1/20/2013 6:49:35 PM)
Thank you !
(1/20/2013 7:08:56 PM)
It was great thanks
My kids were glued to every word!
(1/20/2013 7:19:20 PM)
You are an awesome (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) story teller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(1/20/2013 7:40:07 PM)
Appreciate it!
(1/20/2013 8:07:14 PM)
Rabbi Wolf
great job! story with the pistol happened during interrogation when the rebbe was arrested
(1/21/2013 3:56:47 PM)
To # 6
Thanks for listening and commenting. I thought so as well until I looked it up and found out that its from a letter of the previous Rebbe Chelek Ches page Samach Aleph. Over there he relates that it was during an interrogation which wasn't at the time of his arrest.
(1/21/2013 7:13:15 PM)
Rabbi Garelik
Thank you for insipiring me this Yud Shvat! I can continue my Shlichus with renewed Chayus!
(1/21/2013 10:36:06 PM)
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