Jan 7, 2013
Overcoming the Loss of a Son

Devorie Kreiman, a featured speaker at the upcoming Kinus Hashluchos, talks about overcoming the loss of her son Yossi Kreiman obm.

By COLlive reporter

Mrs. Devorie Kreiman, who served as the principal of Bais Rebbe Junior High School in Los Angeles for 12 years, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Kinus Hashluchos, the annual convention of Chabad women on Shlichus.

Taking place in Brooklyn, NY, in connection with the yartzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson OBM, wife of the Rebbe, the 4 day conference will unite Shluchos and some of their community members from around the globe.

Kreiman, an educational consultant and leader of teacher training workshops in Los Angeles and New York and the author of The Bas Mitzva Notebook, will be speaking at the Kinus Melava Malka and Motzoei Shabbos program held at Oholei Torah.

Titled "Making Each Day Count As A Step Toward The Next One," she will share some of the extraordinary challenges and losses she has faced, the organizers of Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch said.

She will relate how she gleans inspiration and strength to overcome the impossible using bitachon as a vaulting pole to turn challenges into accomplishments, they said in an email to Shluchos.

Her 23-year-old son Yossi Kreiman, an ordained rabbi and a chosson at the time, passed away almost 3 years ago in an accident.

Drawing on faith and humor, his mother has since been speaking about her personal journey and how one can stand up and live life in the face of helplessness and deep sadness.

Here is her talk at the National Jewish Retreat:

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Opinions and Comments
I really miss yossi.
(1/7/2013 3:19:15 PM)
very inspiring
WoW, what a life story! What bitochon!
(1/7/2013 3:51:50 PM)
Amazing Strength!!!
I saw this talk a few months back and WOW!!! How does she do it? Amazing woman.
(1/7/2013 4:14:45 PM)
More Than Just Inspiring
Thank you so much Mrs. Kreiman ... thank you Torah Cafe' ...
This presentation hit the spot!
(1/7/2013 4:30:27 PM)
Amazing, a true inspiration!
(1/7/2013 5:07:42 PM)
Ay Yossele
Your strength and chassidishkiet still shows down here. If only you were still here. Moshiach would already be here by now.
(1/7/2013 5:22:10 PM)
I can't watch this video
As a mother I can't begin to imagine what she must go through every day. What a remarkable person! May she be blessed with continued strength, nachas from her children & grandchildren & the revelation of Moshiach.
(1/7/2013 5:56:43 PM)
so moving
Like all of us, i'm struggling through my challenges. As a single mom of little children, I found comfort and hope in your words...may hashem confort us all with Moshiach... today!!!!
(1/7/2013 5:57:42 PM)
Thank you!!
Thank you so much col for showing this. I will never forget seeing and hearing this speach.
Mrs Kreiman I admire you so much.

(1/7/2013 6:32:09 PM)
I know Dvorie since I am a young girl. I admire her, she is a amazing person with so much to learn from!! This talk was amazing.
(1/7/2013 9:00:15 PM)
Sad and moving!!!
(1/7/2013 9:37:01 PM)
God bless you and your family. May Hashem grant you long life, and may you know of only health and happiness.
(1/7/2013 10:20:32 PM)
Thanx for the inspiration.
(1/7/2013 10:28:21 PM)
what a pillar of strength
(1/7/2013 10:33:18 PM)
The word itself says "I'm possible".
(1/7/2013 10:38:19 PM)
mrs. kreiman is an amazing person
she was my principal for less than a year and she was amazing. i learned so much from her and she really inspired me to do the right things.
(1/7/2013 11:49:04 PM)
A must listen to for young(especially) and old
The hashkofos of yiddishkeit presented by someone who has been forged through fire cannot help but touch our essence. May Hashem fulfil for you and your family "samcheinu kimois inisonu" bekorov mama"sh
(1/8/2013 2:59:24 AM)
Down under
I just heard G-d's angel. !!! Mrs kreiman you r a friend a sister and a 'possible' life line to everyone. Thank u for sharing. G-d bless u.
(1/8/2013 4:15:54 AM)
what a speech ... i usually have no patience to listen to speakers but ..... she has a powerful message ........
(1/8/2013 10:07:32 AM)
She must be an incredibly strong person
As a parent though, this is difficult to watch.

May they only know of simchos from now on
(1/8/2013 4:11:33 PM)
Wow !!!'
What inspiration! What strength!
Amazing amazing amazing !!!
(1/8/2013 4:29:54 PM)
What a speech !!!!
Speechless !!!!!!
(1/8/2013 4:43:20 PM)
sooooooooooooooooooooooooo INSPIRING!
Someone we can all learn from!!!!!!!!!
Thank u so much for sharing, so special!
Hashem should bless u with all the Brachos and lots of Koach and gezunt!
(1/8/2013 4:47:57 PM)
True inspiration
Mrs . Kreiman
Thank you for your strength and clarity.
It really helped me with my challenges.
(1/8/2013 4:51:42 PM)
Mrs. Kreiman, you are a true inspiration to many...
We hope you only have goodness in your life from now on!
(1/8/2013 6:21:14 PM)
Proud classmate...
Devorah...such a wealth of information that I didn't want your talk to end. I could have sat and listened to you for hours.
Thank you for giving us the clarity of "possible".
May we merit Moshiach NOW and see our loved ones.
A classmate a very proud one and inspired one.
(1/8/2013 9:10:35 PM)
worth listening to!!!
learned so much from hearing this..would love to download and listen again few months down the line..
(1/8/2013 9:52:15 PM)
Thank you
(1/8/2013 10:25:30 PM)
this blew my mind!!!!!!
(1/8/2013 10:39:59 PM)
very uplifting
i enjoyed this beautiful & touching lecture - thank you
(1/9/2013 9:23:35 AM)
Dvorim yotzim min halev nichnasim el halev
May HKBH bless you and your precious Family in ale olamos Byado Harchovo uMeloah! Moshiach Now!
(1/9/2013 11:09:02 AM)
at loss of words
(1/9/2013 5:53:29 PM)
Yossi was such a great guy!
He was chassidish, a great learner and funny.
I really really miss him...
He was a great guy..
(1/10/2013 1:09:17 PM)
Thank You!
Please know that you have helped me enormously to endure the pain of my loss. You need to know the great inspiration and effect of your talk. Additionally the gift of presentation you have must not be witheld by a sense of humility; you would be holding back a meal from the hungry. I'm glad to hear that you will be the main speaker at the Shluchos convention.
Thank you for the super lift. May the Ribono Shel Olam bring you and your husband and family joy in FORMS THAT YOU WISH FOR.
(1/10/2013 1:47:55 PM)
Mrs. Kreiman ---this is remarkable on all levels---from your ability to actually move forward and somehow transcend all that you have been thru, to be able to actually speak about your challenges in a way that can touch everyone who hears you. After listening to this amazing speech, I felt empowered to overcome of all of my own challenges. This is your extraordinary gift to all of us. May you be blessed with ONLY nachas, gezunt and revealed blessings from here on.!!
(1/13/2013 12:41:49 AM)
may we only merit the coming of Moshiach SPEEDILY IN OUR DAYS!!!!!!!!
(2/21/2013 10:15:07 AM)
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