Jan 9, 2013
Kinus Hashluchos Needs Hosts
Shluchos visit the Ohel during last year's Kinus*Photo: Rivka Lifshitz

An initiative has been set up to help connect Shluchos who need a place to stay during the upcoming Kinus and Crown Heights families.

Attention Crown Height Residents:

It is well know that the bond between Crown Heights and the shluchim is legendary.

The unbelievable Hachnosas Orchim with which the residents of Crown Heights open their doors for the shluchim really personifies the expression that "Chassidim Ein Mishpocha," that we are part of a family of chassidim who are true partners in the Rebbe’s work.

The Shluchos Convention is in a few short weeks and there are a number of Shluchos who don’t have anywhere to stay. These Shluchos are in need of the Chizuk of the Kinus but simply don’t have family in Crown Heights.

If you have extra space in your home, we have a grass roots initiative set up to help make a ‘shidduch’ between Shlucha and Crown Heights families.

Additionally, if you have a basement that you are interested in renting out for the Shluchos please contact us.

We are confident that this will benefit both parties and hopefully be the start of new and enlightening friendships.

Being that lots of us Lubavitchers are last minute, do not hesitate to contact us closer on to the kinus if a spot comes up (once your family decides if / how many are coming).

This is also a shout-out to Shluchos who are unaware as of yet of this initiative.

If you have a place to offer, or need a place to stay, kindly respond to kinussleepingarrangements@gmail.com.

To help with funds for shluchos who cannot afford airfare for the Kinus, click here.

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Opinions and Comments
Maybe too late for this year but it would be more fair if we leave the Kinus for the shluchos only and not make the inter school convention at the same weekend.
(1/9/2013 5:08:40 PM)
i hate to be negative however last year I agreed to host several women for both meals and no one showed up for Friday night - not one! I shopped, worked hard to prepare an impressive meal and was quite annoyed when no one came..... if you arrange for hostesses and confirm their hospitality, have the decency to take them up on it - or at least cancel with enough notice.
(1/9/2013 7:08:13 PM)
to #2
You are right to be upset but why put a damper? Someone is working really hard to help people find places to stay. She is giving of her time, comfort and more to help out. She is now reaching out to our family and friends in crown heights. Either open your home or decide not to but why ruin it for others? Btw, unfortunately many shluchos live with that kind of indecency on a weekly basis so i totally feel for what you went thru but let's rise above it....
(1/9/2013 9:32:35 PM)
l can invite 2 ladies
so who's in charge? contact me scmaness@gmail.com
it's not fancy,if all they need is a place to stay that's fine
(1/10/2013 4:33:04 PM)
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