Dec 30, 2012
ULY Auction Event For Women
Photos: Chaim Ezagui

United Lubavitch Yeshiva in Crown Heights held its second Chinese Auction event on Sunday night for women and girls, with entertainment by the hilarious comedian Mendy Pellin.

Photos: Chaim Ezagui

Mens Admission Lazer Raksin
Door prize Shaina Cohen
Jackpot Leah Goldberg
Mamaroo Tzippy Gajer
Primo Hat ND Hertzel
Wow Post Mark it Sruli Karasik
Building Blocks Shavey Baris
Radio flyer scooter Mizrachi
Digital pic Frame Lowenbraun
Target GC Mirel Levitansky
Krafts Clubs Gorodetsky
Oreck Cleaner Scheiner
Mezuzah Check Stroh
Gutnick chumashim Winestone
Keurig machine Tuvel
Family trip Em Hall
Collage Greisman
Wii Kramer
Beats Head Phones Schechter
Cookie Demo by CreativeConfections Rappaport
A Better View Simpson
A Day of Beuty S. Simpson
Leather Tallis Bag Dovid Meir
Miriam Rochester Design Chagieth Neubort
Hall Table Jack Pot
Likutei Sichos Dovid Meir
Treat Sheitel Well Scheiner
Linen GC Scheiner
Sony Dvd Player Fruma Junik
A Beautiful Day Dl and Levi Jacobson
Valuable Learning Loshinsky
Earrings and Necklace Orimland
Playstation Vita Bundle Judaic Mosaic
Paper goods Dovid Meir
Board Games Chaya Chitrik
Big and Little Midrash Shmuel Katzoff
Priceless Shaina M
Childs Custom Acrylic Malki Laine
Professional photo Shoot Orimland
Kitchen Aid Mazuz
Char Broil Grill Brummel
Day Camp Taichman
Time To Eat Stein
At&t Go phone Orimland
Chefs Choice Cookbook Nechama
Tzemach Tzedek Lowenbein
Everyday China for 16 Levy
Mamash Music B
ATV Ride On Greenberg
GPS Loshinsky
Kindle Chani Chein
Mitzvah Kinder Rochel Elkaim
Play Bounce Shternie Matusov
Kodak Camera A
Google Tablet Rivka Bar Chaim
Aliyah Gym L J E N
Time to Read Yossi Andrusier
40,000 Seforim Mendy
Coffee Break DB
Glamorous Frame Sarah Halon
Shabbos NDB
Show Stopper Shula
ipad mini Shmuel D
500 Gift to Fashion Nation Devorah Peretz
500 gap childrens place and Hm Kraus
500 Case of win Dovid Meir
Pots and pans Scheiner Lowenbein
Kopeth or suit MF
Latest Phones Chana
Ipod touch 5th Yosef Gershowitz
Flowers For shabbos Cohen
Shabbos After Glow Yehudis Cohen
One year pass to Mikva Enayatian
Valco Rochel Perlow
Brilliant Bracelet Turk
Benshimon Vigler
Shavuos in Evergreen E Raitport
Pesach Lowenbein
Shaina Wigs Shoshana Seigelstein
LenovoThink pad E Turk
1000 Empire Kosher Shula
Gardall Safe Eliezer Andrusier
Emunah Shaina Bartunk
Mini Vacation Loshinky
Twin mattresses Enayatian
Perfect Pesach Package Libby B
Sterling Becher Loshinksy
1000 Drimmers Dl and Levi Jacobson
850 Lullaby Baby R Pellman
Movado Watch Turk
Sapphires Levy
In Style Chesky L
Ipad Benshimon
Fill your Jewelry Box Chanin
Meom Loez Rosie Heller
Canon Camera Naomi Heber
770 gc Menachem Schochet
Custom Makeover Young Man A
1000 Gift Certificate Milano Eliezer Andrusier
Stunning Silver Tamir
Megillah Moishe Elberg
Fabulous Kosher Mansion Dl and Levi Jacobson
Simcha Package Yossi Rosenblatt
Jewel Wig Rochel Tennenbaum
Boost Business Judaic Mosaic
Shas Pinchas S
Florida Chani Meijers
Dream Furnishing MG
Elliptical R Piekarski
HP Computer Faigy Raksin
Diamonds C. Freundlich
1800 GC choice ND Hertzel
Grand Travel S. Stewart
Shevy Sheitel Posner
3000 EliteSterling Randy Phillips
Grand Table Setting Miriam Goldstein
Freeda Wig Yisroel Fields
5000 Gift Certificate Furniture Greenberg
Split the Pot Leah Lipsker
Grand Prize Chanin

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Opinions and Comments
Lubavitch Yeshivah!
Is the best Yeshivah in Crown HeightS!!!!!
(12/30/2012 9:32:37 PM)
did they already do the auction?
(12/30/2012 9:33:38 PM)
(12/30/2012 9:44:13 PM)
I spy
I spy good food
(12/30/2012 9:51:24 PM)
crown height
what time is it live its 10pm and its not on live
(12/30/2012 9:53:00 PM)
They really outdid themselves! And so many familiar faces!
(12/30/2012 9:56:50 PM)
Our favorite caterer!
Bentzion Turk is the best caterer! The food looked and tasted delicious!
(12/30/2012 10:48:15 PM)
we want to see the winners!!!!!!!!!!! Did i win?
(12/30/2012 10:49:33 PM)
Leah Lipsker horray happy to see you a winner it could not happen to a nicer gal you do so much chesed in the community the aberster blabt ni-t a bal chav
(12/31/2012 12:35:25 AM)
the audience
Miriam Friedfertig, you make us crack up! Year after year, you're simply amazing! And yes, we do feel like we're all joining together in your living room, that's how relaxing it is. You're certainly worth coming out for even in 25degrees! Thank you for putting happy smiles on all our faces! Can't wait for your next auction!
(12/31/2012 1:19:11 AM)
to # 2
it happened on december 30 at 9:30. that was when th auction started. the dinner was at 8:00 maybe. i really dont know about the dinner.
(12/31/2012 7:02:52 AM)
i spy etty and chaya and shaindy!!!
regards from israel!
love shaindy
(12/31/2012 9:08:51 AM)
Huge fan!!
I drove 4 hours to see Mendy Pellin's show. I loved it!
"When is Shabbos Over?" "W here's T he F arbrengan?" I am still laughing!!
(12/31/2012 10:05:38 AM)
(12/31/2012 2:10:57 PM)
I Spy
So Nice to see Chaya & Shaindy Berkowitz
Love from California
(12/31/2012 3:07:02 PM)
GO CHANIE AND BASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(12/31/2012 5:39:50 PM)
Florida was won by Chanie meyers not meijers
(12/31/2012 6:18:33 PM)
go devorah eber!!!!
(12/31/2012 8:53:14 PM)
go bassie barber!!
rosie horowitz!!
(1/1/2013 7:15:25 PM)
goooo milliiiieeee!!!!
(1/1/2013 7:32:14 PM)
go bassie & chanie
u look so cute
(1/2/2013 8:57:36 PM)
amazing auction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mendy pellin you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"is shabbos over yet?"
too bad i didnt win anything the prizes were FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!
lubavitch yeshiva rox!!!!!!!!!
(1/6/2013 9:27:35 PM)
mazal tov!!!!!!!
go rivka bar-chaim!
i cant beleive you won!!!!!!
(1/6/2013 9:28:13 PM)
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