Nov 13, 2012
"Anash Special" To Launch
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4 Chabad-connected organizations are opening a new network called "Anash Special" to serve specific Lubavitch families.

By COLlive reporter

A consortium of organizations assisting special needs in the Chabad community is collaborating on the development of a support network to serve Anash families of special children.

Chasdei Soul II Soul, Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe, and the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council, have joined forces to make this happen, has learned.

One of the people involved said the goal of the network is "to serve as a platform, and a voice, to families who find themselves in need of support in raising a child with special needs."

The name that is being given to the network is "Anash Special."

"We need to harness Chabad's open-door policy and doing for others in doing for our own," says Tzirl Goldman, Director of Chasdei Soul II Soul, which helps fund school education for children of special needs.

"This organization can arrange for parents to touch base, or have an annual gathering at a time when people travel to NY, like Gimmel Tamuz. There are many challenges in life, and knowing you are not alone makes it just a little easier to bear."

While there are many agencies serving families of children with special needs, "Anash Special" is aiming to address issues relevant within the Chabad community.

Specific issues are school and camp integration, sharing information amongst others in similar situations within Chabad customs, and allowing parents to communicate with each other in the daily struggle of raising a special child.

"This newly formed organization is not planning fundraisers or major programs as of now," says Rabbi Sholly Weiser of Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe.

"What we have in mind is to create an address for any Lubavitcher experiencing this. Imagine, my parents, so many years ago, raising a child with special needs, had no one to turn to. With today’s technology this network can offer so much support to them, they will not feel so alone and isolated."

The CHJCC has offered office space and staff will be available on a part time basis. To register your child, please email or call (718) 771-9000 x 7726 and speak to Tzirl Brennan.

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Opinions and Comments
something for ANASH.
kudos to all involved
(11/13/2012 5:40:57 PM)
kol hakavod
(11/13/2012 6:25:44 PM)
there should be no need
lots of hatzlocho
(11/13/2012 7:58:42 PM)
What does that mean? Aren't we all Chabad-Lubavitchers?
(11/13/2012 8:15:16 PM)
to #4
An organization run by Chabad people does not make it a Chabad organization, the same way there are no "Chabad businesses" there are business run by Chabad people.

The CHJCC, for example cannot be called a "Chabad organization". They represent all Jews that live in Crown Heights if they are Lubavitchers or not.
(11/13/2012 9:38:22 PM)
keep up the great work Rabbi Weiser!!!
(11/13/2012 9:48:36 PM)
How beautiful to finally have an organization that isn't only for shluchim but for any Lubavitcher in need. This is the way all our organizations should be. I never understood why yaldei shluchei harebbe was instituted the way it was. When I questioned it, I was told that shluchim are far from family, all alone and so need extra help. Every single parent of a child with special needs feels all alone and needs support. Many Anash families are all alone in the same cities that the shluchim live in but cant get any help simply because they aren't shluchim. I'm so happy to see some changes happening to the attitudes in Chabad. We are all in this together and everyone has their own challenges, shluchim and non-shluchim alike. Stop discriminating and help based on need, not on job description! This is a wonderful first step.
(11/13/2012 10:04:59 PM)
to # 7
get a life and stop complaining.
why dont you put your money where your mouth is?
have YOU done anything for anash or the shluchim????
(11/13/2012 11:54:39 PM)
to #8
What exactly is your problem. #7 makes a very valid point and I totally agree with him/her. Why should a human being be any less important becuase they are not a "shliach". Every jewish soul on this earth has a purpose and is a shliach in some way. Yes, shluchim may have some specific needs, but so do we all. And on what basis is your lat comment. how do you know that this person doesn't do anything. You have accomplished absolutly nothing where your post but bashing, negativity, etc...
(11/14/2012 2:03:16 PM)
to 9
where was #7 all these years????
as soon as someone opened up something good even if its only for shluchim (they do have challenges that we dont have in NYC) people start screaming "WHAT ABOUT US???" so DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! get some people together and do it.
if i am not mistaken Yaldei opened its doors in 2009 now its for years later AND NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING??????
(11/14/2012 4:09:28 PM)
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