May 1, 2012
Shlucha Getting a Transplant

Phoenix Shlucha Sashie Levertov had a bone marrow transplant Tuesday. The family asked to say Tehillim as the next 2 weeks are crucial.

By COLlive reporter

In Phoenix and elsewhere prayers were being said Tuesday for Chabad Shlucha Sashie Levertov who has been diagnosed with leukemia as she was undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

The important medical procedure began at 1:00 PM Arizona time.

Levertov, 28 and a mother of 4 (the youngest of whom is 9 months old), directs Chabad's Aleph Bet Preschool & Kindergarten in Phoenix and runs Bat Mitzvah and Beyond for teenage girls and Loaves of Love, a challah "bake and gift" program.

After she was diagnosed in February 2012, Sashie began a regimen of chemotherapy to combat the disease.

"It is of course a difficult regimen, but Baruch Hashem Sashie maintains good spirits and an upbeat attitude, trusting in Hashem to aid in her healing," the family said.

Following the transplant, the next 2 weeks will be "very crucial" to her recovery, a family member told

The public is asked to say Tehillim and give tzedaka in merit of Sasha bas Bluma.

Levertov's Facebook page, as well as her husbands Shliach Rabbi Moshe Levertov, is flooded with blessings from friends. "Everyone is offering to help," said Rabbi Levertov, who asks everyone he speaks with to dedicate a good deed in the merit of his wife.

"It's very encouraging," he told of the Torah campaign and the various other community initiatives. "It's heartwarming to know that at the end of the day, were all one."

For more info about "Sashie's Torah" - click here

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Opinions and Comments
please post her name and her mothers name at the front page, so ppl on a rush could already see the name right away and daven for her
(5/1/2012 6:28:37 PM)
name and mothers name please
(5/1/2012 6:43:50 PM)
Good news
I look forward to hearing only good news from now on! May she have a complete refuah shileimah, we are all davening for you
(5/1/2012 6:58:52 PM)
We love you and are all having you in mind Sashie!!!
Love, all your Deren cousins
(5/1/2012 7:18:22 PM)
Dearest Sashie & Family,
Our every thought and prayer is with you.
L'chaim Sashie. We look forward to celebrating your full and complete recovery b'ezras Hashem!
(5/1/2012 7:18:34 PM)
Her name is Sasha bas bluma.
(5/1/2012 7:26:12 PM)
my class says tehillim every day for sasha bas bluma
(5/1/2012 8:00:03 PM)
name is:
Sasha Bas Bluma
(5/1/2012 8:25:28 PM)
to #7
my class also does
(5/1/2012 9:28:35 PM)
We are all davening for you. May Hashem send you a complete refuah shelaima, and lots of strength for you and your family.
(5/2/2012 1:58:06 AM)
Refuah Shleima
If she is in the situation to get a bone marrow transplant BH she is very lucky. It means she has been fortunate that the chemotherapy has worked to reduce her leukaemic blasts to a point where she can have a transplant, and also fortunate to find a match! You should continue in this manner until you have a complete Refua Shleima.
(5/2/2012 2:26:00 AM)
Our thoughts are with you and your family
Refuah Shlaimoh Bekorov. . . we are davenning for you every single day;
COL, please keep us posted as to her progress iy''h
(5/2/2012 4:29:05 AM)
our thoughts are with you
Blumie and family,
we are thinking of you all and davening for Sashie to have a refuah shleima.

Tuvye & Henel Cohen
(5/2/2012 4:52:08 AM)

Sosho bas blumo
(5/2/2012 10:29:58 AM)
Prayers and healing thoughts to Sashie and the whole family.
With love,
Ilana, Dan and David Schwarcz
(5/2/2012 11:33:46 AM)
Sosha bas Bluma will be well and will be home soon taking care of her family.
Yechi HaMelech!!
(5/2/2012 2:29:04 PM)
Complete Recovery!!
Prayers for an immediate and complete recovery to Sashie bas Bluma, from Anne Grabois and family in Scottsdale. G-d willing, we'll hear only good news!!
Refuah Shleima!!
(5/2/2012 2:32:08 PM)
refuah shleima
sosha bas bluma my class says tehillim for yourefuah shleima
(5/9/2012 5:43:07 PM)
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