Jul 22, 2011
7 Dead as Bomb Rocks Norway

A massive bombing in the heart of Oslo killed at least 7 people. Norway Shliach Shaul Wilhelm and his family were out of town.

CNN and COLlive

Norway came under deadly attack Friday with a massive bombing in the heart of its power center and a shooting at the ruling party's youth camp outside the capital.

At least seven people were killed in the blast in Oslo, police said. A number of others were injured both in Oslo and at the youth camp.

A U.S. official said it was too soon to tell what caused the explosion or whether it was a terrorist attack. The possibility of terrorism is always a concern because of the ongoing threat from al Qaeda to launch attacks in Europe, the official said.

The prime minister, whose office was badly damaged in the Oslo blast, leads Norway's Labour Party, which runs the youth camp.

Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang said it was a "terrible day" for Norwegians.
An Oslo police spokesman said the explosion was caused by a bomb. No one has claimed responsibility.

Several buildings were badly damaged, many of the windows of the government tower that houses the prime minister's offices blown out.

Emergency teams rushed the injured, some bleeding profusely, to hospitals.
Unaccustomed to such deadly scenes, Norway was reeling.

Chabad Shliach in Oslo, Rabbi Shaul Wilhelm and his family were out of the country during the attack. They are spending Shabbos in England.

Wilhelm said he is in close contact with members of his community and others Jews in the area.

"I am praying for the well-being of all the citizens of Oslo, and send condolences to the families of victims of this horrible hate crime. Our deepest sympathies also go out the children who were victims while in camp. We are praying for all the wounded to have a speedy recovery," he said.

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oslo accords
loss of life is terrible, but maybe now they understand that the oslo accords were a disaster that lead to hundreds of murders in Israel. Enough of this nonsence. Now even the pro-plo are being blown apart. The Rebbe said 'NOT ONE INCH"
(7/24/2011 12:30:36 AM)
or maybe they will realize who are the actual animals
(7/24/2011 5:55:18 AM)
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