Jan 23, 2011
Simonetti Endorses Rights Seminar

In response to a question from organizer Eli Federman, Deputy Inspector Peter Simonetti of the 71st Precinct endorses the Know-Your-Rights event at the Community Council meeting on Jan. 20, 2011.

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even the police support it
I don't think we need the police to give a hechsher but it's nice to see that even they support such an event. yashar koach Eli.
(1/23/2011 11:04:31 AM)
just being real...
If the organizers really cared what the police thought, and really cared about community relations, they would have extended a FORMAL invitation, (and perhaps even invited a representative of the 71st to speak).

The invitation Eli extended at the end of his talk is not the way to invite the police if you actually want them to come...
(1/23/2011 11:04:44 AM)
Whose voice is that in the background?
(1/23/2011 11:05:25 AM)
To #2
Senator Adams had a distinguished 22-year career with the NYPD. He will be speaking at the event. This does not seem pro or anti police. It's just an educational seminar so an informal invitation seems fair to me....
(1/23/2011 11:09:42 AM)
one community
I remember seeing a video in which an official commented to the Rebbe about "bringing our two communities together" to which the Rebbe responded "it's not two communities it's one community"
(1/23/2011 11:25:03 AM)
To #5
That is correct. During the 1991 Crown Heights riots the Lubavitcher Rebbe (OBM) told Mayor Dinkins that he hoped for peace and unity in the city. The Rebbe told Dinkins that the black and Jewish communities are “one side, one people, living in one city.”
- Eli Federman
(1/23/2011 11:31:22 AM)
Not sure
You call that an endorsement ??
(1/23/2011 11:40:18 AM)
looks like support
I think endorsement may be overstating it but it is clear that Simonetti supports the concept of this seminar.
(1/23/2011 2:36:21 PM)
Will there be a video of the seminar so that those who cannot attend can watch it?
(1/23/2011 3:09:05 PM)
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