Dec 13, 2010
Between Satmar and Lubavitch
A Chassidic dance at a Crown Heights wedding * Illustration photo

COLlive's Monday Torah: World-renowned teacher Rabbi YY Jacobson explores some of the fundamental differences between the philosophy of Satmar and Lubavitch.

Welcome to Monday Torah, an engaging class by Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson, one of the most sought after teachers in the Jewish world today and spiritual leader of Congregation Bais Shmuel in Crown Heights.

The weekly video webcast is aired on and each Monday evening at 8:30 PM EST.

The class delves into the Rebbe's explanation to the story of Yakkov crossing his hands while blessing Menashe and Ephraim, explaining two different approaches in dealing with modernity: the approach of Menasheh, nostalgia, vs. the approach of Ephraim: Transformation.

The fascinating class also explores the different style of the Sichos of the Rebbe Rayatz and the Rebbe. Where the former are filled with the stories of the "old world," while the Rebbe's talks are almost completely devoid of it.

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Opinions and Comments
What abeautiful lesson Thank you
(12/14/2010 8:17:00 PM)
How beautiful ...
may gd grant that u have the energy to continuously inspire your audience and rekindle the light of our souls amidst the unfortunate darkness that which we find ourselves in.
Listening to you Im sure that your father obm in gan eden
''klaipt nachas'' .
Its so obvious that his spirit speaks through you
May you have continuous ''Hatzlocha''
(12/15/2010 10:39:22 PM)
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