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Nov 22 2012
Yitzy Blasenstein - Sydney, Australia to Henny Simon (bas R' Yossi) - Crown Heights

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The Benshimons
Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!! This is nice and exciting!! Many More simchos!
OMG!!!!! Hennys on COLLIVE!!!!!!!
Yossi David
mazal tov, Yitzy!!!!!
so happy for you, binyan adei ad.....
Great news...
Mrs. Aisenbach
Mazeltov, Mazeltov, I was delighted to hear the good news.
May you have alot of nachas from the couple.

Mrs. Aisenbach
mazel tov
mazel tov

keep it up
Avrumie and Esther Lurie
Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! to the parents and chosson and kallah,wishing you all the brochos!!!!!
The Rosenblums
Mazel tov! What amazing news. Henny & Chosen, Regina & Yossi, Bubby Sheila & Zeidie Motel. We're so excited for you. May this be the first of many more simchas in good health!

Sonny & Linda
yitzzz the man!
mazal tov!!!!
yonthen yakov segev
mezel tov mezel tov i wise you you suld gat mearit on
torah chzitoz on the torah and chsitos like the rabbi neahi
doreno the rabbi you will bulid your house in torah to be contcet
the rabb iit is from isreal good fraind from the past torth ameth and 770 mezel tov mezel tov
Shmuel and Bashie Lowenbein
Mazel Tov loads of Yiddish chassidish nachas. May you see loads and loads of simchas from here on forward
Mazel Tov!! Yossi, Regina, Chossen & Kalla
Chaim & Freida Shpigelman
mazal tov all the best .from zeidy aron hilel dalfin &the gang
mazal tov!! We Wish we could be with you at your "L'chaim"! We're thinking of you. We're so happy for you. We love you!
where are the pics of the l'chaim
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