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Jun 20 2010
Shaya Tenenbaum (ben R' Levi) - Crown Heights to Mushky Marozov - Montreal, Canada

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omg mazel tov!!!
not shy!!
Mazal Tov Shaya! Now for Teddy!
Enan Francis CT
Mazal Tov Shaya
this sooooooooooo exciting cant wait for wedding great pick
MAZEL TOV!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU MUSHKY!!!!...and of course for your chatan as well ...;)
mazal tov
mazal tov
Morah Sarah and the kindergarden teachers
Mazal tov ! mazal tov! so happy to hear the wonderful news !
they are perfect for eachother im so happy for u guys, is shaya related to levi tenenbaum of melbourne?
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