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/ TUESDAY, CHESHVAN 4 5778 - 24 OCTOBER 2017
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Aug 9 2017
Mendel Mish (Mishulovin) - LA/Crown Heights to Brochie Kanelsky - Hillside, NJ

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Mazal Tov

What a lucky guy
The Hayman's
Mazel tov!!! Such great news! Can't wait to meet your kallah. All of our brochas for a binyan ad-ay ad with all of Hashem's and the Rebbe's brochas ad bli die!
Y.W., L.A.
Sarah Katuna
Mazel Tov!!!! to the entire Kanelsky family. It was wonderful to see you Brochie in shule a few weeks ago when I came in to visit Moshe.
Mazal Tov !! Mazal Tov !! Such Amazing, Great, Magnificent, Outstanding, Thrilling, Wonderful news, Mendel I am so Happy for you that B''H you found your soulmate, this is a Great Simcha for the entire Los Angeles Frum community, B"H B"H, want to wish u & your Zivug a " ( ) & '' ( ( Only Simchas !!
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