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/ SUNDAY, SIVAN 13 5778 - 28 MAY 2018
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Jul 26 2017
Shneur Gansburg - Coconut Creek, FL to Leeba Spalter - Toronto, Ontario

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Mazel tov Gansburg's
So excited mazel tov again
Leeba you landed a gold mine!
Shneur is a gem! So extremely refined, kind, warm hearted, he's just geshmak!!
Mazal Tov Shneur!!!
You're awesome!
One lucky girl!
We love you!
Mazel tov!
What a lucky girl.
Shneur is the best of the best. Heart of gold.
May the chasuna be beshoa tova umutzlachas.
Mazel tov shneur and family and the knew kallah leeba!!!!!!!!
The Gansburg's are the best people on earth!!!!!!! so exciting!!!!! I am so happy for you shneur!!!!!!! Love always, guess who? aka someone who loves you so much and loves your family more the anything!!!!!!!! Question Gansburg's: who do you think this is? If you said Chaya your right!!!!!! Ps. Love you guys and miss you guys so much!!!!!!
Invei hagefen binvei hagefen
Mazel tov!!
You really got a special girl!!!
Refined thorugh and thorugh in so many areas.

We love you Leeba and are so happy with your simcha
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