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Apr 20 2017
Moishe Krasnjansky - Hawaii to Cheved Krasnianski - Manhattan, NY

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Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!
Moishy best Bochur in Lubavitch always makes me proud! Dugma Chaya for all Bochurim younger is the way to go!

Yaakov & (The Rosh)
Mazal tov!
Mazal tov Cheved!!! So happy for you! Ur the best!!! You and your chosson should merit to build a binyan adei ad with all of the Rebbe's brachos! Mazal tov!!!
best shliach in la last year

mazal tov
Mazel tov!
So exciting! Both chassan and kalloh are from great families!
Mazel tov!!
Wishing you only simchas!! From Shloimy and Tzirel Baitch
Shlomey baitch
Wow mazal tov
מזל טוב לבחור המושלם משה חיים
Menashe and Alizah Hochstead
Mazal Tov Thanks to our son in Manhattan
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